She was born in another time.

A Story Of Independence

It is a baking hot day in early August, not too long ago. An old Irani and his granddaughter sit in the shade of his café. The granddaughter turns to her elder, and asks him an unusual question….

On not belonging, then belonging – a guest blog post

Rema emailed us out of the blue recently and we were incredibly touched by her words. She then tweaked her email into the blog post below.

Our Holi party 2014 (and why we do this sort of thing)

Holi’s great, isn’t it? Cast your sins into the fire. Throw colours with random strangers, and random abandon. Laugh freely and joyously. Dance. Laugh again. Enjoy how surreal it is. Enjoy how magical it feels. And you HAVE to watch our video. It was awesome.

Goodbye 2013. Hello 2014.

Goodbye 2013. Hello 2014.

I’m obviously turning into a predictable and sad old git. About this time every year I do the exact same thing. I sit in the Permit Room, a Viceroy’s Old Fashioned at my elbow, and think about the year gone by.

A saltier, meatier, more kick-ass bacon naan.

The Ginger Pig Bacon Naan Roll

A Limited Edition
7th October – 2nd November 2013

Dishoom's Cabinet of Curiosities is on display 18th-22nd September

Dishoom at the London Design Festival

Drink chai, smash cup, make great design.
This week at Dishoom Shoreditch, we’re hosting a ‘cabinet of curiosity’ curated by This is Provenance as part of the London Design Festival.

Translation: Dear sister, peace be upon you. Even when you are miles away, your love and blessings are the reason for the tranquility of my heart. Today while offering you the greetings of Eid, I ask you to remember me forever in your prayers.

Eid al-Fitr, the Celebration of Breaking Fast

Eid al-Fitr is welcomed with great joy after a month of austerity. Every family has its own traditions and specialities, treasured recipes handed down through the generations.

Pleasantly cozy, covered and warmed when the weather is inclement, but not when it’s hot.

The Verandah at Dishoom Shoreditch

It is a summer afternoon, unusually sunny; hot, humid and expectant, like Bombay just before the monsoon. Outside Dishoom Shoreditch, on the Verandah, the serious business of lounging is in progress.

How to capture a memory, a precious moment, before it dwindles and fades like the morning mist?

Catch a memory and bake it onto a plate

Bombay’s beautiful Irani Cafés have been fading into memory for years. All who know them nurture treasured stories of them. But once the cafés are gone, the memories will fade. So, we asked people to give us their stories – and then we literally baked them onto our plates.


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