Business is usually good for the dhobis during Holi.

The origins of Holi (and our 2012 celebrations)

There’s nothing quite like Holi. Literally, you have to see it to believe it. The festival of colours, of vibrant carousing, of gentle flirting, Holi is India’s barmiest celebration.

New Velantimes Day video: like spending two minutes with a lunatic

Desi Couple video #5… Velantimes Day II: Velan Shakti

The Velan-times Day story continues, with a daring rescue of the Desi wife from treacherous villains in the nick of time. Release the Velan Shakti!

Last Christmas we gave you our raan...

A Bombay Feast at Christmas

We felt a responsibility to turn uninspiring Christmas dinners into something amazing. Something that friends would squabble over the scraps of. A Bombay Party in your mouth, so to speak.

Naughty, naughty. Very naughty.

Naughty Christmas Chai

A conversation revisited…Cold, rainy morning, not very long ago in a comfortable booth at Dishoom on St Martin’s Lane. A motley crew of Dishoom-wallahs, mulling over ideas for Christmas.

Sita sang the Blues at Diwali 2011

Diwali at Dishoom – 2011

Diwali draws near, and with it fireworks and celebrations. But it’s also worth remembering the story of Diwali, passed lovingly on through generations. A tale of daring, of wonder. Of chariots flying across the sky, of the wise monkey god leaping the ocean.

Dishoom-wallahs, Chowpatty-wallahs, Southbank-wallahs, random-wallahs

Goodbye Dishoom Chowpatty Beach

It was a loopy premise, even for a pop-up. ‘What if an old Bombay Cafe were to take a gentle stroll down to Chowpatty Beach in about 1965 and drop a mild acid tab?’ But now, the crazy colourful summer is fading into grey-brown autumn. Say goodbye to Dishoom Chowpatty Beach one last time.

Chowpatty Beach, in Bombay.

The Dishoom Chowpatty Beach Bar on the South Bank (May 13th – Oct 4th 2011)

A pop-up Bombay Beach Bar on the South Bank, answering the (previously very hypothetical) question of what would happen if an old Bombay Cafe strolled casually down to the local beach while on a mild acid trip.

A mix of lemon, a whack of chilli, gin and popping-candy-crazy-crackle

Judy Sucks a Lemon (not for breakfast)

Judy Sucks a Lemon cocktail recipe – a mix of lemon, a whack of chilli, gin and popping-candy-crazy-crackle – an instant hit.

A Brimful of Pau Bhaji on Table 5

Cornershop at Dishoom – Sunday 13th March, 3pm

We love Cornershop. The very cool band, that is, rather than shops on corners. And from Sunday it will be Cornershop week at Dishoom.


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