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One venue. Two parties. Two thousand people… And a ton of gulal.

When: Sunday 10th April 2016

Where: a massive old boxing hall in Bethnal Green

What: Music, entertainment, street food, Dishoom tipples – and (no, really!) a ton of gulal.

This is going to be AWESOME.

Bura na mano, Holi hai! (Or for the non-Desis amongst us, ‘Don’t get offended, it’s Holi!’)

There’s nothing quite like Holi. Literally, you have to see it to believe it. Social boundaries are blurred with rainbow colours. We Indians lose our collective minds, abandon our usual decorum and go a little bit wild. We smear each other’s faces with gulal (brightly coloured powder), have water-fights and indulge in light-hearted teasing and merry-making. It’s a day of boisterous pranks and capers, of cheeky behaviour and uncontrollable laughter. We forget our differences, and make a wonderful, joyful mess that somehow wipes the slate clean.

Rooted in Hindu legend, Holi celebrates the triumph of good over evil, and heralds the start of spring. Over the years, it has become a time to set aside the usual social boundaries of caste, religion and status, and in their place welcome tolerance, laughter and celebration (and a lot of gulal).

For the past four years, we’ve been bringing our authentic version of Holi to London. Our parties are marvellous, messy affairs, filled with joy and attended by revellers of all ages, backgrounds and faiths. They’re invariably an absolute riot. (Don’t believe us? Check out the videos from previous years.)

So, this year, join us on Sunday 10th April 2016 in the historic York Hall, Bethnal Green.


The daytime party will be for families and children of all ages. You’ll be welcomed with a warming glass of Dishoom House Chai and mithai, and can then enjoy tasty snacks from the street-food market. There’ll be music and family-friendly entertainment – and of course we’ll play with lots and lots of gulal. It will be a fun and altogether bonkers party!


We invite all grown-up Dishoom-wallas to join us for the evening Holi party. There’ll be an awesome DJ, live music, and entertainment. You can grab a bite to eat from the street food market, drink delicious Dishoom tipples, and of course – play Holi and make merry with all your friends! It’ll be an energy-filled extravaganza and the coolest party in town – we can’t wait.

Tickets to the daytime Holi party will be £25 (grown-ups) / £15 (kids) and the evening party costs £28 (grown-ups only ). Tickets include entry to the event, plenty of gulal (coloured powder), cloakroom, mithai, and Dishoom House Chai.

There’ll also be a mini-street food market, and a bar selling Dishoom drinks. (Please note street food and drinks are not included in the ticket price.)

Buy tickets to DAYTIME Holi party

Buy tickets to EVENING Holi party

And if you’d like to know about the origins and celebrations of this barmy festival, then see this blog post.


The actual date of Holi falls in March – on Wednesday 23rd. To celebrate, we’ll be serving Pani Puri as a delicious Holi special from Monday 21st March until Sunday 27th March. Keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter for some delicious (passworded) treats around these dates!

And – though for obvious reasons a real Holi in our cafés is out of the question – our team will be bringing the spirit of Holi to life…