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Journal entry

Introducing Dishoom Kensington

In which a charismatic but wayward Irani seeks redemption.

Bombay, 1949.

It is a close and heavy monsoon night on Marine Lines. Despite the weather, there is a jostling of people outside the Bombay Roxy. Well-turned-out gentlemen and flirty-eyed women clad in Banarasi silk saris all crane to catch a glimpse of Bombay’s finest musicians. The heavy doors to the club swing open and closed. Hot jazz spills out into the street.

The club didn’t always have this pull or indeed its current reputation. It is housed within a former cinema. The previous owner’s savings had been frittered away on the floors of marble, panelling of Burmese teak and four large chandeliers. It had been a beautiful but bankrupting experiment in Art Deco extravagance.

Under new management, it is café by day and club by night. The fortunes of the Bombay Roxy have been turned around, and now it shines brightly where darkness once stood. Bombay society comes here, to see and be seen. Local hustlers try to get the better of American card-sharks. Wealthy men of industry eye up coquettish women in cholis that expose more of their midriffs than strictly considered decent. A moustachioed Maharaja with an accent polished at Harrow or Eton exchanges pleasantries with several glamorous ladies who have perfected the art of looking beautifully bored.

The building has become a hot-tempered, noisy beast in the city’s belly, roaring through the night until the sun rises.

The man behind this reinvention is the charismatic Cyrus Irani. His name was once synonymous with Bombay’s racketeers, with murky allegiances, and with police escorts to Arthur Road Jail. Now no longer a jailbird, Cyrus fully intends to put the Bombay underworld behind him. And his new venture, the Bombay Roxy, might just be his redemption.



As part of the launch for Dishoom Kensington, we’re exceedingly delighted to introduce Night at the Bombay Roxy – a brand new, site-specific, immersive theatre production created by the hugely talented young artists at Swamp Studios and coming soon to our new home! A talented ensemble of actors and musicians will transport you to the opening night of Bombay Roxy – a café and jazz club housed within a former Art Deco cinema in ’40s Bombay, owned by none other than the charismatic but wayward Cyrus Irani.

So, if you liked the little tale above, do see Night at the Bombay Roxy to learn how it unfolds and if you live or work in the Kensington area – hello, new neighbour!, kindly drop us an email on and thenceforth we’ll keep you well informed on Kensington happenings and other intriguing news.



Dishoom Kensington will officially open at midday on 15th December 2017 and we’d love to invite you all to help us prepare for the opening by attending our soft launch.

The soft launch will run from Thursday 16th November until Wednesday 22nd November (8am-11pm weekdays, 9am-11pm weekends).  You can all enjoy 50% off your food as thanks for helping out with this final stage of our training.

There are no bookings for soft launch – you may drop in whenever you like. (In the evenings there might be a wait for a table.)

After soft launch, there is a rather complicated opening-closing business, due to our theatre production Night at the Bombay Roxy.

Soft launch, half launch, closures and official opening for Dishoom Kensington

Soft launch: 16th November-22nd November
Thursday 16th November – Wednesday 22nd November (8am-11pm weekdays, 9am-11pm weekends)
50% off food. (There are no bookings during soft launch.)

Closure: 23rd November-26th November
The restaurant will then be completely closed Thursday 23rd November – Sunday 26th November to prepare for the immersive theatre production, Night at the Bombay Roxy.

Half launch (during theatre): 27th November-14th December
Due to the theatre production (27th November – 14th December) Dishoom will only be open for restaurant service on weekdays between 8am and 4pm (last seating at 2pm). The restaurant will closed for shows from 4pm weekdays and all day on weekends. We are accepting bookings for Dishoom Kensington from 27th November.

Official opening: 15th December
After the theatre run, Dishoom Kensington officially opens at midday on Friday 15th December. The Dishoom team are very much looking forward to warmly welcoming you all there!

Dishoom Kensington
The Barkers Building
Derry Street
W8 5SE

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Stanley John

You don't mention the address


I absolutely love DISHOOM and can't wait for your amazing restaurant to open its doors in hip Kensington. Please do notify me regarding the opening week since I want to be one of the first people to experience the ' DISHOOM Kensington' phenomenon


When do you open?


Hi Tanya, we will open later in the year... do sign up to our newsletter and you'll be the first to hear our opening dates and particulars :-)


Quite right - We'll be in the beautiful Barkers Building, on Derry Street in Kensington.



Danielle Dudley

Hi there, do you have an opening date yet? Thanks, Dani

Joshua Hinh

When are you open? Can I book now? Really looking forward to it?


Home away from home!♥️

Kam Sachdev

Please keep me informed of when Dishoom in Kensington will open as I would like to book my work team for a dinner there. Please add me to your email list for updates. Many thanks


My sister and I love Dishoom soo much. Would this branch be friendly for disabled people? Can't wait to welcome Dishoom to our neighbourhood. Kind regards, Nicola


Hope to experience Dishoom Kensington next weekend. Edinburgh friends say you’re not to be missed

John Woodgate

How can I book a table for the night st the Bombay Roxy?


Hi John, afraid tickets are sold out at the moment but if you sign up to our newsletter, we'll keep you informed on any extra releases.


It is indeed - very excited to welcome you :-)


Will do!


Hi Joshua, all our opening details are now posted above - do come see us :-)


Hi Danielle, all our opening details are now posted above :-)


Hi, I work at Sony Music (Syco Entertainment) opposite the restaurant. Can we book a table for 15 on 13th December lunchtime?


Hi Lynda, if you could kindly email, the team will be able to look into this for you :-)

Verity G

TO whoever it may concern, I am trying to make a booking for dishoom kensington for breakfast on 16th/17th/18th/19th or 22nd of November for two people, but it says no available spaces on all days i have looked. Are you booked or is this just because it is a new store? Thanks


Very frustrating dealing with your site. Add to that no tickets to the jazz nights - its enough to drive a die-hard, dyed in the wool, Dishoom desperado to contemplate the worst!


Hi Verity, we are not taking bookings during our soft launch period, walk-in only at that time. Bookings are available in Dishoom Kensington from 27th November. Hope to see you soon :-)


Hi Julia, we have a dedicated website for our immersive production - Unfortunately all tickets have sold out, but we are extending the run and more will be available from 11am on Wednesday 15th November on the above website :-)


Oh no, what trouble are you having? I'm afraid all tickets are sold out at the moment, but we're extending the run and more tickets will be available from 11am on Wednesday 15th November on


Please open in Manchester... We need Dishoom in the north.

Adam Ali

I will be there - mouth watering already ... Never been disappointed! Dishoom dishoom


Welcome to Kensington Dishoom. So excited and look forward to being a regular as you are now walking distance.


Super excited for the new dishoom in the area! Can't wait to go :) Now I'll have no excuse for missing brunch


Have reserved a table in December and had a call from you, but can’t seem to find a telephone number to call back...(Kensington isn’t listed on website yet!)


Hi Elle, if you email, the team will come back to you very promptly :-)

Sue Young

Looking forward to enjoying your new Kensington branch, we’re already devotees so very happy to have one on our doorstep. How do we book for the ‘Night at the Bombat Roxy’

Ruth Carpenter

Hi Sue, And we can't wait to have you! We have a handful of tickets available from 11 am on Wednesday 15th November.


How do we attend the show ?

Anna Malone

Hi all, I'd like to book a table for the opening on the 15th December. Am I able to book for 12:30 midday for 25 people? thanks in advance, Anna


What a truly inspired and enchanting concept - balmy Bombay and the swinging jazz days. Conjures up exotic and zesty tastes and emotions. I'm sooo there! I would love to hear about your up and coming events and your newsletters.

Carla Stanke

Hello, will the Kensington branch have etch-a-sketch toys for little ones like there is at the Kings Cross location? Thanks & looking forward!

Emily Lambert

Could I please book a table for 7 people on Friday 17th Nov under the name of Ed Hughes? We would like a table at 1pm if possible.

Rami Kohli

I require two tickets for Bombay Roxy on any date. Please let me know the date available and I will make the payment.


Hi There, For your soft launch from 26th November, as you do not take bookings will you be taking walkins?


Will you be doing takeaway for your soft launch? If so, what time are you open to grab yummy to-go bacon naans from?


Are you offering take away during the opening week?

June Pickering

I was one of the first customers at Dishoom's first location. I am thrilled to see how successful you have become and with so many restaurants. I will join you in Kensington for sure! Continue the wonderful work.


Hi Kaye, no takeaway during soft launch I'm afraid.


Hi Charl, there'll be no takeaway during soft launch, but hopefully you'll be able to pop in and enjoy a bacon naan with us :-)


Yes indeed, walk-ins only :-)


Hi Rami, if you kindly check here and change the number of guests you'd like to book for, it should all availability. I believe there are a couple of tables of 6 left.


Hi Emily, terribly sorry but there are no bookings during soft launch. Do just come along as a walk-in :-)


There absolutely will be!


Hi Fiona, if you sign up to our newsletter (at the bottom of the website) you'll be kept up to date on all news.


Hi Anna, if you check here you should be able to make the booking, depending on availability :-)


Hi Irani, kindly check here for availability: if it says nothing is available, try changing the number of guests.


Brilliant service by all staff. And a big thank you to " ED" who went out of his way to help me and my family.

Nicholas Ratcliffe

Enquiry:- Hi guys, i received your email regarding the 50% of food soft launch and wanted to enquire as to whether or not you had avaibility on Wednesday for a large group booking of 10-12 pax. It's my birthday and would love to come and check out the new place! Let me know, thanks! Nick x


Can I takeaway tomorrow from Kensington and take advantage of 50%


I have been a great fan of Dishoom for some years. Growing up in Bombay in the 1950's I used to go to many Irani restaurants now virtually extinct. They had a unique ambience with fluorescent lights and wooden chairs and of course I remember my favourite the KEEMA PAU a classic of Irani Cafés: spiced minced lamb and peas with a toasted, buttered, home-made bun.DELICIOUS! How nice is it then to have all this nostalgia of my youth recreated as I am now 75 years old.I am so lucky to have a lingering taste of this disappearing heritage here in London where I now live.

Susanne Lawrence

Can I book for 4 people for dinner on Friday 15th December? I know it'll be your first proper night after the show/soft launch, but it's my birthday so that's the evening I'd like to come. Please get back to me ASAP. Do hope you can accommodate us. Thanks. Susanne Lawrence ( 02074354140

Bea S

Look forward to Dishoom Kensington - am there 22nd Nov with 2 friends so hope we can get in and have a look. Loved the Kings Cross branch so far.


Hi Susanne, if you check online here, you'll be able to make the booking :-)


Hi Shane, there's no takeaways during soft launch I'm afraid.


Hi Nicholas, we aren't taking bookings during soft launch, and as of tomorrow (Thursday) we've got a rather complicated opening-closing schedule due to our theatre production "Night at the Bombay Roxy" - please check here before visiting :-)


I hope you are well. We are based in High Street Kensington and are anticipating the opening of Dishoom. Our Christmas quiz is nigh and was wondering if it was possible to perhaps auction off two tickets to the Bombay Roxy show or perhaps a set menu dinner for two at opening ? Either would be most greatly appreciated! We are very good customers , you only have to ask The Ivy! Best of luck and welcome to the area! x

Karuna Andrews

Would love to come and have lunch with my team before Xmas


Hi Tamara, lovely to hear from you. If you email we'll see if we can sort a voucher for you :-)

Chris Pollard

To Whom This May Concern, My girlfriend and I will be in London during Christmas. Can you please inform us if you all will be open on Christmas day and if the Kensington location will be open? If so, please let me know how I can make reservations for two. Kind Regards, Chris Pollard

Helen pinnington

Hi there, I’m assuming we can’t book like the other Dishooms I’ve been to. Shall we just turn up? There are two of us. Thank you and the best if luck!

Lynden Reilly

Hi, I work in the Compensation and Benefits team at Warner Music in Kensington. We have around 600 employees in Kensington and a number of local retailers and shops partner with us to offer discount to our staff. Is this something you would be interested in? We have recently secured a discount with Joe & the Juice and also have discounts in place with Leon, Bills, the Abingdon to name a few.


Hi Lynden, Thanks so much for getting in touch - might I possible ask if you could please get in touch with us at and we'll be able to come back to you on this :) Thanks so much


Hi Helen, you can book tables any time of day (though only for groups larger than 6 after 6pm) - have a look here for availability :-)


Hi Chris, thanks for getting in touch. We will actually be closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Do hope to see you soon and have a lovely Christmas.


Please put me on the mailing list for the Kensington branch. Looking forward to trying it out once it's up and running. It will be a great addition to the area.

Joan Shellien

Please send the menus Thanks and good luck

Alberta Anello

Good morning. I would like booking a table on 26th December for restaurant for 2 people at 21:30. Are you open for that date? Thanks Best Regards Mrs Ponte

Mrs Conrad

Please put me on your mailing lust


Hi I need reservation for tomorrow for breakfast for 2 people.


HI Kiran, if you cannot they will be able to help you :-)


Hi Alberta, very sorry but our Christmas opening hours are: CHRISTMAS OPENING HOURS Christmas Eve: Closed from 4pm (Last seating 2pm) Christmas & Boxing Day: Closed New Year's Eve: Closed from 6pm (Last seating 4pm) January 1st & 2nd: Closed


Hi Joan, please see the menus here:


Looking forward to meeting you. I've added you to our mailing list :-)


Hi Mrs Conrad - all done for you :-)

Rajaram iyer

As one from Bombay I am delighted at the authentic food you serve - Great tribute to Bombay - thanks -Rajaram Iyer

Mollie lotery

My favourite place in Kensington


Why does Kensington not allow dogs but Soreditch does?


Hi Scott, hope you're well. We can only allow dogs in the verandah of our Shoreditch café, unfortunately Kensington doesn't have a similar outside space so we aren't able to cater for our four-legged friends there. So sorry.

Siti Osman

Hello there, May I please check your opening hours over the festive period in 2019? Also would you have live jazz music on 31 Dec 2019 by ay chance? Many thanks, Siti


Hi Siti, we'll be closing at 4pm on Christmas Eve, then closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Our plans for NYE are in progress at the moment, but if you sign up to our newsletter, that tends to be where we keep everyone up to date with our event plans :-)