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Journal entry

“It’s an oasis, it’s Dishoom”

A poem by Joe Winter

Towards the end of last year a real live bona fide poet came to Dishoom and loved it so much he wrote a poem about it! We were truly touched.

The poet happens also to be the father of one of our staff (Prerna) whom you may remember from her lovely peacock Diwali chalk rangoli. Joe, the poet in question, lived in Bengal for many years and has written one of the authoritative translations of Tagore’s famous Gitanjali (which is an incredibly beautiful work). He’s also a fantastic chap.


It’s Covent Garden’s latest bloom,
a new jewel in St Martin’s Lane.
It’s an oasis. It’s Dishoom.

It could be London’s ritziest room.
Sit in splendour and rest your brain.
It’s Covent Garden’s latest bloom.

It’s something else. From India’s loom
an offering to drive you insane.
It’s an oasis. It’s Dishoom.

Oh man, the food. A bride and groom
each couple will become again.
It’s Covent Garden’s latest bloom.

A red wine in the cunning gloom
downstairs . . . you have not lived in vain.
It’s an oasis. It’s Dishoom.

Ganesh, observe a café boom,
from where upon the wall you reign.
It’s Covent Garden’s latest bloom.
It’s an oasis. It’s Dishoom!

Joe Winter
November 2010

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Hello and thank you for the poem. I am so happy to have been to Dishoom I have been telling whoever cares to listen about it. I can't stop thinking about your food and I hope to one day be allowed to do a bridal photo shoot at your restaurant. Delicious. and your staff are just lovely and hospitable. many blessings Rachel


Nice villanelle Joe Winter!

Vikas Varma

Hello In India we used this word for children's to change the mood when they watching the action movie, actually this is a sound of fighting. I really feel proud... b'coz... It's DISHOOM DISHOOM...