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Journal entry

Our Holi party 2014

and why we do this sort of thing

Holi’s great, isn’t it?

Cast your sins into the fire. Throw colours with random strangers, and random abandon. Laugh freely and joyously. Dance. Laugh again. Try to shake the colour out of your hair and try to beat the colour out of your clothes. Enjoy the sight of elderly grandparents, tiny children and everyone in between – all doing the same thing, all covered in glorious technicolour. Enjoy how surreal it is. Enjoy how magical it feels.

In our case, all in a big shed in Hackney. For all of you who were there, you’ll know how much fun it was. There was no actual bhang in our lassi, but everyone seemed as high as kites. People who had never met before were rubbing powder paint in one another’s faces, dancing and improvising a conga. And in a way, I think this is exactly what we need more of in London.

One thing is for sure; London is growing. Our city is getting busier and more crowded. We Londoners are forever moaning about accelerating property prices, and more flash sports cars seem to be racing pointlessly up and down Knightsbridge. And as the city grows, I’d like to think we can make sure that it’s truly a shared city. That all of us find ways to have fun together, to break down barriers, to leave aside differences and celebrate each others’ culture. Even if it’s only for a few short hours, it’s really important. A city that doesn’t do this becomes a nervous and divided city, full of suspicion; a sad dystopia. Let’s never let that happen to London.

So, in that spirit, we promise to keep throwing our Holi parties, if you’ll all keep coming!

Enjoy our little video of this year’s Holi, see the (massive) photo gallery – tag yourself if you were there. And, most importantly of all, come next year!

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Paul Cockerton

Hi. Are you having a holi event this year (2015)?


Hi Paul - we will be - sign up to our newsletter for updates :-)


Paul I logged in to ask the same thing I was gutted I couldn't get tickets to last year!

Joan Dumay

I want a Holi :)


R u having holiday event this year

Mrs Mistry

Please can you send me details of this years (2015) holy event and how/when to purchase tickets please. Thank you!


Any holi party this year and if so, when ?


Hi just wanted to know if you are organising Holi celebration in 2015 and what's the entryrequirement and if kids are allowed as well.Thanks


Hey Jasbir - we're working on it and will be announcing details soon. Sign up to our newsletter to hear about it!


Hey there - details aren't out just yet - sign up to our newsletter and you'll be the first to hear!


Please send me updates about this year's event. I don't want to miss out on the celebrations like last year. Thanks


r u having holi event this year? Plz email details n ticket prices thanks

Laurence Evans

When is your Holi event this year and are there any tickets left ? Many thanks.

Sonia Khraud

Please can you be kind enough to let me know whether you are holding a Holi event this year, 2015? Thank you.

Ritika Jaiswal

Hey how to get to holi at dishoom this year ? Helppp :)

Poonam Joshi

Hi! I am a TV News reporter based in London. I would like to come and cover Holi at Dishoom. Is it alright for me to come with my camera person and film and may be speak to some people. Regards Poonam 07920480453


Same...are u having holi event this yr!


To everyone asking - tickets for 2015 go on sale at 9.30am on Monday 9th March at


Just clicked on your link ay 10.30am to buy Holi 2015 tickets but says the event is sold out! Will you be releasing any more?


Me and my husband want to participate in Dishooms' Holi celebration for 2016. Thanks, Ash :)


Hi Ash, No problem! If you sign up to our newsletter on our website then you will be the first to hear all about our news and dates :-)

Linda Hopkins

Love the sound of the Holi party. Sign me up and keep me posted :-)


Wen is d holi party?


Hey, Sign up to our newsletter on our website and you'll be the first to hear about our party updates :-)

Shellina finnegan

Hi are you havi a holi event this year?


Hi Shellina - we will be! We'll be sharing info on this very soon...


Please could you let me know if you have any more family tickets for this year's holi party. Thanks.


Hey Lakhvir, We have sold out for the moment, but we will be putting more on sale soon. Keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter, or sign us to our newsletter for any announcements :-)


Where is the holi event taking place this year ?


In York Hall - do join us, we have some tickets left the the evening party :-)