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Journal entry

Desi Couple video #1

Velantimes Day


Valentine’s Day actually originated in medieval Gujarat, and not in the West. We made this short film to explain the historical events which are the origin of this festival.

So – come and celebrate your love for each other at Dishoom this Velantimes Day. You’ll be encouraged to look at each other with dewey eyes, coo a little and whisper sweetly into each others ears.

Didn’t get the part about the rolling pin? Watch the clip!

(And you can see more of these slightly silly videos here…)

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Steve Thomson

Inspired! Now I know why my missus insists on belting me around the head each Feb 14th. I always thought it was to do with my inability to remember the date of her birthday!


Sheer genius! Sequels, please!


Hi Shamil, hearing your English accent with Gurarati high lights brings tears to my cheeks also I didn't know that this name Valentine came from the state of Gujarat, but this late in the years that it is addressed as such because of the internet whereas before that back in the days in the U.K it was more of a British customs Anyone wants a Gujarati translation there is some information:

Stephen Narayanan

Actually in Gujarat it started as Violent-Day....and the women responded splendidly putting the rolling pin to good use...and the Britishers who observed this had the last laugh and named it as Valentines Day.


Really cute and funny