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Since 1949, and to this very day, Bombay has been under a state of prohibition. A personal permit is required by law if one is to “continue to require foreign liquor and country liquor for preservation and maintenance of my health.” Set apart from a family room, there is a special place which has come to be known unofficially as a Permit Room. Herein liquor can be sold and imbibed, but only for the goodness of one’s health.

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Daru-Walla Recommends


Top-notch clean sophistication. Luksusowa vodka with pomegranate, lemon juice and chilli liqueur. 8.50

East India Gimlet

The old-established drink devised for sailors to evade scurvy. London dry gin with Rose’s lime and a touch of celery bitters. 8.50


Raspberries, lychees, rose and cardamom with first-class sparkling wine. A very pretty missy.  7.90

Hoppy Butter Paanch

Dishoom IPA creamy foam cushions the lips. Then comes the ginger-tempered sweetness of Johnnie Walker with butter syrup base. Forget beer. Drink only this. (N) 8.90

Viceroy’s Old-fashioned

The sort of drink in which Mountbatten may have found welcome repose. A bottle-aged muddle of Woodford Reserve Bourbon, bayleaf reduction, green tea and so on. 9.90

Slings, Coolers & Fizzes

Meenakshi's Mojito

Bacardi Carta Blanca rum meets vanilla, pineapple and lime, alongside the usual mint-soda affair. Suitable for the most advanced boy or girl. 8.50

The Dhoble

A refreshing cocktail, named for the notorious party-pooping Assistant Commissioner of Police of Bombay, Vasant Dhoble. Fresh orange and lemon juice, Luksusowa vodka, jaggery, and a dash of orange bitters, served over cubed ice. 8.50

The Kohinoor Fizz

Dishoom gooseberry syrup with lime juice and London Dry gin, a wash of Aperol, diamond fizz’d with Prosecco and cushion’d with egg white. Slips down nicely with all dishes. 8.90

Colaba Colada

Pineapple and coconut-cream classic with a Bombay twist: a little coriander, chai syrup, lime juice and two rums. (N) 8.50

Copy Tipples

A Copy Tipple looks like alcohol, but does not contain one single drop. No Permit shall be required. (Mr Dhoble would approve.)

Sober Martini

Sophistication neatly executed with ginger and gentian root. Gin-like bitterness and warmth. The absence of liquor is most difficult to believe. 6.50

Virtuous Tulsi Sour

In our solicitude and zeal for abstemious guests, this peaty Whisky Sour has no whisky, nor any other spirit. Note the warming aromas of ginger, lemon, holy basil and secret botanicals. 6.50

Teetotal Monsoon Martini

With Dishoom’s totally teetotal secret spirit essence. Nobody will know that your monsoon is dry. 6.50

Dry Old-Fashioned

Smoked demerara, orange bitters, cayenne and orange peel. Fire in the throat, warmth in the belly. But no need of alcohol! 6.50

Sours & Fancies

Cyrus Irani

Charismatic mix of lime juice, tequila and turmeric-honey lassi syrup, shaken hard and strained finely into a sours glass. Warning: wayward drinkers must seek redemption. 8.90

Chandra Bose Sour

Self-governance against the British? Volatile combination of Indian and Japanese whiskies, very dry, with dashes of plum bitters and egg-white foam. Controversial alliances and conspiracies will abound. 8.90

Dishoom Espresso Martini

Monsooned Catuai espresso, vivified with Luksusowa vodka, chilli liqueur, black walnut bitters and crema. (N) 8.90

Sharbats, etc.

Watermelon Sharbat

Watermelon is muddled with spearmint and lime, then thrown over cubes of ice. 3.90

Passionfruit Sharbat

Long and sparkling, with the fresh tang of passion fruit, lime and coriander, finished with a generous splash of soda. 3.90

Kala Khatta Sharbat

Kokum fruit juice, chilli, citrus and black salt, stirred all together for some time and left to rest before being strained over cubed ice. 3.90

Alfatoon's Colada

For the blithe spirit of Parsi theatre. Pineapple and coconut- cream, a little coriander, chai syrup, and lime juice. Garnished with coconut flakes. Sweet and frothy. (N) 5.50

Virgin Maidan Mojito

'Maidan' comes not from virgin but from the word for a wild place. Mint is clapped in the hands and rolled, then churned with coconut milk, ginger, lime and Dishoom's secret spirit essence.  5.50

Bombay Presidency Punch

A recipe first written down by General Sir John Gayer, Governor of the East India Company's Bombay Presidency.

Sir John's predecessor warned in 1676: "The usual effects of that accursed Bombay punch involves its consumers besotting themselves with drunkenness, and then quarreling, dueling and committing any number of other acts, to the shame, scandal and ruin of our nation and religion."

Liberty Punch

For a bold young nation: a magnificent sharing concoction of jaggery, lime, green tea and Ceylon Arrack, served over cubed ice in a vintage bowl. Ladle into the dainty cups and crumble in the jaggery, to taste. It would be ornamental were it not so good to drink. Wild abandon and excitement in equal measure may ensue, as such the Liberty Punch is only to be shared amongst a minimum of four people. 33.00

Pegs & Paanch

Chai Paanch

Lemon shrub with Johnnie Walker Black Label, House Chai, Gosling’s dark rum, and two liqueurs: one ginger, one 80% cocoa. Clear, complicated and sweet. 9.90

Sonia's Negroni

The Italian lady goes native. Equal parts of London Dry Gin, bitter Campari and Dishoom vermouth (macerated with vanilla, cinnamon and ginger). Bottle-aged for smooth tawny intensity. 9.90

Sparking Wine & Champagne

Cielo E Terra Spumante Ekuo, NV, Veneto

Classic delicate spumante from organic vines of Garganega and Trebbiano. Pleasantly pale yellow with fine bubbles, fresh stone fruit and soft dry finish. 150ml / 750ml 7.50 / 35.00

Luigi Tacchino Moscato D'asti, NV, Piedmont

A matchless sparkling pudding wine to lift the spirits with charm and indlugence. Fresh, fruity and light, with a mere 5% alcohol. 150ml / 750ml 7.20 / 29.90

Lanson Père et Fils, NV, Champagne

Unhesitatingly lovely blend of the best Chardonnay (35%), Pinot Noir (50%) and Meunier (15%) grapes from ten different vintages. Admire its regal golden glow, hints of stone fruit, honeydew and buttery complexity. A boon to any celebration. 150ml / 750ml 12.00 / 55.00

Edenvale Sparkling Cuvée, S.E. Australia (Alcohol-removed)

For the table, Chardonnay and Verdelho laced together, fleeting tastes of fresh apples and fragrance of white flowers. Fine bubbles whisper and fade. Elegant celebration without inebriation. 750ml 22.25

Gosset Grande Reserve, NV, Champagne

A prestige cuvée from the very oldest wine house in Champagne. Find joy in rich expressions of crisp green apple, brioche, toasted nuts and a smoking kindling. Perfect complexity. 750ml 95.00

Red Wine

175ml glass / 500ml carafe / 750ml bottle

All wines can be served in 125ml measures

Roc D‘Opale Grenache-Merlot, 2017, Pays D‘Oc

Hedgerow fruit, plum and cocoa, with soft tannins. Charming and agreeable with or without food. 6.00 / 16.70 / 23.50

Terre Di Montelusa Primitivo, 2017, Puglia

Inky, aromatic, full-bodied Italian, with the most excellent qualities of spice and hinting liquorice. 7.00 / 19.20 / 27.50

Cielo E Terra Merlot Ekuò, 2016, Veneto

A charitable quaff. Organic Merlot vines yield deep ruby colour, softly herbal nose and dark berry palate. 7.80 / 21.00 / 30.00

Marras Shiraz Cinsault, 2016, Swartland

From wine-minded enthusiast Martin ‘Marras’ Lamprecht. Tender scents of rose petals and plums grace into mouth-warmingly spicy character. 8.40 / 22.40 / 32.00

Domaine de Cabrials Pinot Noir, 2017, Languedoc-Roussillon

Light-hearted joy that slips down well on its own or with white meats. Admire perfumed cherry fruit, silky tannins and sustained finish. 8.70 / 24/70 / 34.00

Pitchfork Shiraz, 2016, Margaret River

Elegant complex Australian character with ripe cherry, plum fruits and chocolate influences. Its sophistication is most commendable. 9.60 / 25.90 / 37.00

Luigi Bosca Reserva Malbec, 2015, Mendoza

A mouth-watering Argentine beauty of voluptuous, chocolatey, densely fruited character, with an enticing spice finish. 10.00 / 28.50 / 42.00

White Wine

175ml glass / 500ml carafe / 750ml bottle

All wines can be served in 125ml measures

Il Folle Grillo, 2017, Sicily

Gregarious, sun-drenched Sicilian. The name means “the mad one”. Wild, but with elegant aromas of exotic blooms and tropical fruits. You may well develop special affections. 6.00 / 16.70 / 23.50

Pasos De La Capula Verdejo, 2017, Castilla

Fine and most well-selected, with clear straw colour and expressive nose of pale fruits. Young, balanced, refreshing. 6.90 / 18.60 / 26.50

Château du Cèdre Blandine le Blanc, 2016, Cotes de Gascoigne

Liveliness is derived from Ugni Blanc and Colombard grapes. Tangy lemon-peel presents immediately. Minerals are the subsequent secret of aromatic intensity. Pair with poultry. 7.60 / 20.30 / 29.00

Pinot Grigio, 2016, Della Venezia

A refreshingly good Pinot Grigio with citrus fruit, pear and floral aromas.The balanced acidity marries well with spicy food. 8.00 / 21.90 / 30.00

French Ambush Viognier, 2017, Pays D‘Oc

Elegant, fine and pleasantly rounded. White flowers and tropical fruits dance sweetly with ripe peaches. A lover of seafood. 8.40 / 22.40 / 32.00

Wild South Sauvignon Blanc, 2017, Marlborough

A tip-top classic made by talented wine-walli Christie Brown. Vibrant and intense, with a fresh palate of ripe citrus and intriguing minerals. 8.90 / 25.00 / 37.00

Hartenberg Riesling, 2016, Stellenbosch

Riesling grapes hand-picked at daybreak ensure most heavenly flavours. Defined lime zest with taut apple (green) succulence. Find residual sweetness quietly lingering. 9.50 / 26.90 / 39.00


175ml glass / 500ml carafe / 750ml bottle

All wines can be served in 125ml measures

H-Hero Rosé, La Cantina Pizzolato, 2017, Veneto

Preciously pink Venetian beauty. Fruits of Cabernet and Merlot introduce lightness and freshness with blessings of red berries. 7.20 / 19.70 / 28.00

Beers & Cider


Beer came to India in the 18th century. This mild and malty easydrink lager is India’s choicest favourite. 4.8% 330ml / 650ml 4.50 / 7.50

Dishoom India Pale Ale

Delectable IPA with citrus notes, specially crafted for Dishoom by Mondo Brewing Company. 5.0% 330ml 5.30

Road Soda New England Pale Ale

Mondo explores tropical territory. From Mosaic and Simcoe hops, plenty of oats and late-dry-hopping pours forth juicy hazy golden goodness. 4.8% 330ml 5.30

Cold Spark Citra Pale Ale

Big Smoke Brew and prize-givers swear by 100% Citra. Fresh and breezy, notes of bright lemon and grapefruit. Very sensible alcohol. 3.6% 330ml 5.30

Zintuki Sour Beer

Drink wildly different. A spicy, fruity, lemon-juicy sour ale with Champagne-like spritz. Deeply satisfying blended beer from the Wild Beer Co. 7.3% 330ml 6.50

Lucky Saint

Be sober, be vigilant: this is alcohol-removed vegan lager, born of Bavarian springs, Hallertau hops and barley-malt. Pour. Swirl. Pour again for citrus hop finish. 0.5% 330ml 5.00

Lion Stout

Glossy black pour, creamy tan froth, fragrant aromas of coffee, cacao, and caramel. Award-winning, robust stout from an old-fashioned Sri Lankan brewery. 8.8% 330ml 5.50

Peacock Cider

Crafted by skilled workmanship of Aspall Cyder House. Very mellow fruitfulness, best cider apples, kissed by the maturing sun. Pairs well with feisty food. 6.50

Guest Beers & Ciders

Consult your server for guest beers and ciders.

Lassis & Coolers

Bhang Lassi

Traditional Holi drink, but with fresh shredded mint in place of happy-go-lucky hemp. (N) 4.50

Mango & Fennel Lassi

First-class yoghurt with fresh mango pulp and fennel seeds. 4.20

Rose & Cardamom Lassi

Sweet and subtle as a perfumed love-letter. 4.20

Salted Lassi

Creamy yoghurt, salted and gently spiced with crushed cumin. 3.90

Fresh Nimbu Soda

Light lemon drink to quench the thirst. Made to order with fresh juice, salt, sugar and soda. 2.90

Botal Soda

Thums Up

The cola of Bombay, in botals nicely worn from recycling. Mostly available. 3.90


Fizzy Bombay lemon drink. “Contains no fruit” — guaranteed. Mostly available. 3.90

Pallonji's Raspberry Soda

‘Parsi is raspberry and raspberry is Parsi!’ according to the effervescent Mr. Kohinoor. 300ml 3.90

Frank Water – Still or Sparkling

Pure water that bubbles naturally to the surface from artesian springs in Devon. Botalled and supplied by FRANK, a charity that donates all profits to sustainable water projects in India and other developing countries. 3.70 750ml

Monsooned Catuai Coffee

Arabica beans from a single estate in Sunticoppa, Karnataka, are bared on wood to the monsoon winds. A rich, aromatic coffee with very low acidity.

Espresso, Single or Double

2.50 / 2.70

Cappuccino, Caffelatte or Flat White




Guest Roast Filter Coffee

Consult your server kindly about our guest filter coffees. Hot or iced. 2.70


House Chai

All things nice: warming comfort and satisfying spice. Made in the proper way. All who have tried it are swearing by it. 2.90

Chocolate Chai

A charming couplet of dark chocolate and spicy chai. 3.20

Green tea

Grown on the Bengali plains beneath the Himalayas. Gentle, fresh and sweet. 2.90

English Breakfast Assam

Assam is the most well-liked tea-leaf in India. Malty, brisk and bright. 2.90

Fresh Mint Tea

A spearmint steeper to cleanse the palate. 2.90

Ginger, Lemon & Honey Tea

Get rid of your cough. 2.90

Naughty Chocolate Chai

The charming couplet goes a little madcap with Bourbon. 7.20

Baileys Chai

Sip hot spicy chai through a cushion of cool cream. A dessert-drink one can sink into, much like a sofa. 7.20