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Journal entry

Introducing Dishoom Manchester

In which an elusive Irani dupes Sexton Blake in a Freemasons’ Hall

BOMBAY, 1923.

It is a hazy November morning and it is already warm. The roads are thronged with bullock carts, cycles and pedestrians. There is bustle and noise all along the pavement, which is shared both by those who walk along it and those who make their living there. Barbers deftly wield razors, while the chappal-seller unpacks neat baskets of shoes from the shoemaker. Women in saris sit on flower-shrouded mats preparing garlands of roses and carnations and men in white kurtas dash around on errands. Spice, jasmine and dust mix in the air. Circling crows caw.

Slightly away from the scene outside, a smartly dressed Englishman with pomaded black hair and a lantern jaw, sits on a bentwood chair in Café Excelsior, an Irani café on Ravellin Street. He breathes in the aroma of baking bread, takes a sip of his strong chai and studies his surroundings carefully.

He observes the character of the Irani café – a place of calm in the crowded city – and considers the patrons. The place makes him more relaxed than he perhaps should be. Families enjoy their morning tea and talk. Students (chatting more loudly than they need to) tuck into their plates of omelettes. In a corner, a well-dressed businessman reads The Bombay Chronicle newspaper, while a ‘modern’ woman opposite coolly waits for her breakfast. As new customers enter, they exchange loud greetings with a wizened Irani sporting a prominent moustache and thick steel-rimmed glasses. He is perched behind a desk near the entrance, and appears to be the owner.

The man observing the café and sipping his chai is Sexton Blake, the world-renowned detective known for his penetrating intellect and his taste for fine cigars. He arrived in Bombay that morning, summoned by the note now placed in his jacket pocket from enemy-turned-ally, Beram. Its few but forceful words are etched into his memory: “You must come to Bombay. Meet me in the Irani café behind the Freemasons’ Hall – I will know when you are there. Your debt has been called.”

Since their last meeting – when he and Beram had allied themselves to save the life of his colleague Tinker – Blake had believed that a truce had been declared between them. Indeed, the two men had been thrown against each other as opponents when Beram – a suave and mysterious mastermind with an intellect at least equal to Blake’s – sought reprisal for the desecration of a site sacred to his people. His duty to justice had made him Blake’s direct adversary.

Blake always recognised a good opponent, and there is a twinkle in his deep-set eyes as he thinks about everything that passed between them. Beram was his match, and rivals as they were, there existed a bond of respect between them.

He is now distracted from his musings by the old Irani who approaches his table. The two look at each other a brief moment before the Irani roughly jerks his head towards the back of the café, intimating that Blake should follow. He senses that something dangerous may be afoot but follows anyway.

They walk towards the kitchen at the back of the café and pass behind a wooden screen out of sight from the other patrons. Blake sees a plaque on the wall with the carved-out words: ‘Faith. Hope. Charity’ (which he remembers dimly as being words of Freemasonry). Immediately, he feels the Irani’s wiry hands push him sharply forward. The old man, now moving very fast, places the tips of his three fingers precisely onto the plaque and pushes. It is evidently a spring activating a secret door. Instantly, the wall rotates and swallows the two men up. Blake has been ambushed.

They abruptly re-emerge in a large, opulently decorated and high-ceilinged room. Blake, momentarily dazed, looks around to get his bearings. The hall is filled with marble tables and bentwood chairs. Tinted light pours through enormous stained-glass windows throwing strange colours onto the large portraits of old men hanging on the wall. Well-dressed men of apparent Muslim, Parsi, Christian and Hindu descent sit smoking and chatting, undisturbed by the appearance of the pair. It is plain that these are men of power and authority and that this is a secret masonry hall.

Blake was smarting from having been hoodwinked so easily. He spins around to lunge at the Irani. But Beram (for it was him, in heavy disguise) deftly eludes Blake, who loses his balance and falls to the floor, smarting again. Before Blake can recover and get to his feet, Beram pulls off his disguise. He stands over the Englishman, a smile hovering on his lips. “It was good of you to come so willingly, old friend,” he says.



We imagine this to be a continuation of The Tower of Silence, a novel written by Phiroshaw Jamsetjee Chevalier in 1927 and later recovered from a lost manuscript by historian Gyan Prakash. The British Museum had a copy of most of the manuscript except the nail-biting concluding pages which were found (after much scouring of libraries) in the Secretariat Library in the Asiatic Society’s building.

It is a detective story featuring the fictional but famous British private eye Sexton Blake and the elusive Parsi vigilante known only as “Beram”. It is based on a real-life incident from 1923 in which the British illustrated newspaper The Graphic printed an aerial photograph taken of the inside of a Tower of Silence, the holy place where Parsis leave their deceased. The photo was judged to have desecrated the site and accordingly caused enormous outrage.

The story begins at 2pm on a cloudless afternoon in April with the click of the camera shutter. Beram, a sophisticated and devout Parsi, who proves himself equally at home in London, Bombay, and indeed in Manchester, seeks reprisal against the perpetrators of the sacrilegious act. He is in turn hotly pursued by Sexton Blake and his assistant Tinker. The plot progresses via cobras, mongooses, deadly spiders, murders and hypnotism and ends with a final dénouement in a Tower of Silence.



We’re delighted to share that Dishoom Manchester will officially open at 9am on Thursday 6th December 2018 and we’d love to invite you all to help us prepare for the opening by attending our soft launch.

The soft launch will run from 9am on Sunday 25th November until 3pm on Wednesday 5th December (8am-11pm weekdays, 9am-11pm weekends).  You can all enjoy 50% off your food as thanks for helping out with this final stage of our training. There are no bookings for soft launch – you may drop in whenever you like. (In the evenings there might be a wait for a table.)

Dishoom Manchester’s soft launch dates and times:–

Sunday 25th November: 9am – 11pm
Monday 26th November: 8am – 11pm
Tuesday 27th November: 8am – 11pm
Wednesday 28th November: 8am – 11pm
Thursday 29th November: 8am – 11pm
Friday 30th November: 8am – 12am
Saturday 1st December: 9am – 12am
Sunday 2nd December: 9am –11pm
Monday 3rd December: 8am – 11pm
Tuesday 4th December: 8am – 11pm
Wednesday 5th December: 8am – 3pm*

* Please do note that we’re closed in the evening on December 5th. The last tables must be seated by 3pm. Breakfast is served until 11:45am each day. The all-day menu is served from 12pm onwards. 

We are so very much looking forward to welcoming you all there!

Dishoom Manchester
32 Bridge Street
M3 3BT

(P.S. Do sign up to our newsletter (in the footer of the website) to stay up to date on Dishoom Manchester happenings.)

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Hi, we are very excited to see Dishoom in Manchester after visiting your Covent Garden restaurant. The building you've chosen has great charterer. Will you be doing a soft launch?

Martine Greenhalgh

Been to Shoreditch and kings cross many times. This is an amazing place with delicious food, cannot wait until it opens in Manchester my Home town

Sahrish Mir

The place looks great! When do you open? Please sign me up to the newsletter. Will you be serving halal meats? Will the menu be similar to the London branches?


Pls keep ne informed. Many thanks

Rajan Chavda

I would like to attend the Dishoom Manchester Opening.


Hey Brian, we will indeed! If you sign-up to our newsletter (at the bottom of the website) we'll keep you up to date on all our openings news :-)


Hey Sahrish, so glad you're as excited as we are! All meat will be halal and the menu will have its own unique Manchester Chef Special, as well as other Dishoom classics. If you'd be so kind to sign-up to our newsletter (at the bottom of the website) we'll keep you up to date on all our openings news :-)


Hey Sam, our newsletter sign up link is at the bottom of the website. Very excited to see you in Manchester!


Great! Do kindly sign-up to our newsletter (at the bottom of the website) and we'll keep you up to date on all our openings news :-)


Very excited about this new opening. I’ve signed up to the newsletter and would love to know if you are doing a soft opening. Great news!

Janice Andersen

love Dishroom so excited opening in Manchester love your food.


Finally! Really pleased you are coming to us,we are long time visitors to your London venues! Welcome to Manchester!


Woukd like to come


Hi please sign me up for Dishoom Manchester and its opening. Look forward to sampling amazing food soon.

Natalie Craig

This has literally made my week, month, year.... the BEST breakfast place around!!! Can’t wait... when is the opening???


Oh my God!!! I have literally being praying for Dishoom to open its doors in Manchester like for many years now!!! And am super duper excited! I know Dishoom rocks but still all the best and can’t wait to come & being all our friends to whom I have raves about the food, the atmosphere and the cocktails of course!!!


An avid fan of all dishoom have done, can’t wait to visit Manchester

Jane Delfino

Have introduced so many friends to the joys of Dishoom in Covent Garden and Shoreditch, can’t believe it’s opening in my home town....Manchester.


Can't wait to try Manchester


So excited to have my favourite restaurant in the city I live in now!

Heena Lad

Please keep me posted of when the Manchester branch of your chain is opening. I’ve been to the London in May & celebrated my 40th at the Edinburgh one. But Manchester is my home town.


Would like to attend the opening day.

Karen Walker

I have heard so much about Dishoom from colleagues visiting London King's Cross and Convent Garden. Can't wait for Manchester to open so I can visit myself - and what a spectacular venue!


Great news please can you notify me when you’ll be opening I would like to attend the opening if possible Many tanks and best of the with the new venture


Can't wait! Welcome to Manchester

Hayley Winterbottom

My Colleagues and I at Auto Trader are very excited to have you opening in Manchester - as you are our neighbours to our Kings Cross office and us northerners have been very jealous for a while now! Cant wait to come and visit :)

Anil Kaul

If you aren't open yet, why not?

Karen Metcalfe

Please keep me updated with opening of Dishoom Manchester, I am really keen to come and visit.

Sherry Whittaker

Please send me your newsletters. I live in Stockport a few miles from Manchester. Please let me know when you open in Manchester.

Roy Jones

So excited you are coming to Manchester


We had a stunning breakfast at Dishoom in Shoreditch. Cannot wait for Manchester Dishoom to open!

Yatrik Bhatt

Eagerly awaiting you opening up in Manchester since you first announced, having eaten my way though most of what Manchester has to offer in terms of Indian food i'm out looking for a new regular that will serve up true flavors.

Catherine Wood

Hi we are thinking off having are Christmas party at Dishoom Manchester but if you are open by then do you book for large numbers? As I know normally you can't book.


I take all my friends and family to your restaurants! You're my favourite food experience in London and do not stop going on about it. Please please please open before December - I travel to India for most of it and don't want to miss the opening - my boyfriend hasn't been (he lives in Manchester) and I would love to take him to the opening :)


Hi Sara, Thanks so much for the kind words - really glad to hear you're looking forward to the opening! Do sign up to our newsletter (via the footer on or follow us (@Dishoom) on Instagram or Twitter) and you'll be amongst the first to hear about our opening news and dates :-) Very best wishes.


Hi Catherine, lovely to hear from you - do get in touch with our reservations team regarding Christmas bookings in Manchester: And as we'd love to have you come along during soft launch, do sign up to our newsletter (via the footer below) or follow us (@Dishoom) on Instagram or Twitter) and you'll be amongst the first to hear about our opening news and dates.


Hi Yatrik, Hi Sara, Thanks so much for the kind words - really glad to hear you're looking forward to the opening! Do sign up to our newsletter (via the footer below) or follow us (@Dishoom) on Instagram or Twitter) and you'll be amongst the first to hear about our opening news and dates :-) Very best wishes.


Hello! Will you be open in time for December/Christmas in Manchester? I have a booking for 15 or so to make and you have been recommended to us...


Hi Anil, Glad you're as excited as we are! Do sign up to our newsletter (via the footer below) or follow us (@Dishoom) on Instagram or Twitter) and you’ll be amongst the first to hear about our opening news and dates.


Thanks Roy! We're delighted too! If you'd like to sign up to our newsletter (via the footer below) or follow us (@Dishoom) on Instagram or Twitter) then we'll keep you up to date with our opening news and dates.


Hi Sherry, you can sign up to our newsletter via the footer below :-)


Hey Karen, do please sign up for our newsletter via the footer below and we'll make sure you hear our opening news!


Quite right. We'll make it quick.


Thanks Hayley - excited to meet you! If you kindly sign up for our newsletter (via the footer below) we'll keep you up to date on all openings news.


Many thanks!


Thanks Rumit! If you'd kindly sign up to our newsletter via the footer below we'll let you know all our openings news :-)


Thanks Karen - can't wait to meet you.


Thanks Derek - have you tried applying through - that is where we post all available roles. Sorry if you've had trouble getting through... we can look into how that might have happened.


Great! If you sign up to the newsletter via the footer below, then we'll keep you up to date on all openings news :-)


Hi Kate - we will indeed be doing a soft launch and you're very wise to have signed up to the newsletter. We'll keep you up to date on all opening news.


Love you, Janice!


Many thanks - delighted to be coming along.


Do please come. If you sign up to our newsletter in the footer below, we'll be sure to get you along.


Ah how lovely - can't wait to see you in Manchester. If you sign up to our newsletter in the footer below then we'll be sure to get you along.


So excited to be joining you in Manchester and to be your favourite restaurant!


We're coming for you!


Thank you kindly, sir.


Hi Vicki, we will be open in time for Christmas. Drop us an email to and we'll get back to you about possible availability over the next few weeks.

Mark Naylor

I am very excited that Dishoom is coming to Manchester! Please keep in touch.

Susan Dewhurst

Newsletter please.


So glad you’re opening in Manchester. Your Kings Cross and Shoreditch restaurants are among my favourites. Ive signed up for the newsletter. Looking forward to the soft launch and opening.

Jiwan Dhanik

HI, Please keep me posted regarding the Manchester branch opening and would like to attend the opening event.

Andy Dibb

Can't wait


Hi Jiwan, we'd love to! If you sign up to the newsletter (at the footer of the website) then we'll keep you up to date on all opening events.




Susan - if you'd kindly sign up for our newsletter (just in the footer of the website) we'll gladly keep in touch :-)


We'd love to keep in touch - would you mind signing up the newsletter (just below in the footer) and we'll let you know all opening news

Denise Hynes

When will you be open? I love Dishoom and want to introduce it to my Mancunian friends!

Brendan breen

Great to see our favourite restaurant coming to Manchester can’t wait to bring our friends for the ruby Murry and green beans.


Very excited about your opening, do you have dates yet?


want to try soon

Nikki Pope

V v v pleased I no longer need to trek to London to eat at my favourite Indian restaurant...please let me know when you are opening...and if you have any pre-opening events & want a critical friend familiar with the London menu & fabulous customer service just let me & Cate know!


Fantastic! Though from Birmingham and would love to hear if there are plans to o0en here...


Been to your Kings Cross bfanch and it was amazing. Glad you've decided to open up, up norh. You'll give Mowgli are run for their mone.

Clair Vaughan

Please keep me updated with the opening date for Dishoom Manchester


Having been to your London restaurants I am extremely excited to see Dishoom in Manchester. When will you be open


Awesome please sign me up.for info.

Dean Alston

Can’t wait for you to open, really looking forward to the launch.

Naveed Ajaz

I have heard so many good things about Dishoom... My friends have always raves about the food when they’ve been to the Shorditch venue... I can’t wait to try it in my home city of Manchester


I am very much looking forward to tour Manchester opening, was at the Ken High St branch last weekend. Promised to bring my burgeoning Indian foodie son and daughter once you open. Mine will be the bacon breakfast naan!

sveta kohli

cant wait for dishoom to open , we usually to go KIngs cross one would love to know when is it opening.

Michelle Watts

I have enjoyed many great meals in several of your London restaurants but live not far from Manchester. I would love to come to your Manchester launch or at the very least have a meal in Manchester in your first week of opening.My son is an even bigger fan of yours!


When are you opening ? Can’t wait ....big fan

Dishoom Fan

Looking forward to visiting & reviewing.

Rebekah Fletcher

Hello, please keep me updated. Thanks, Becky.


V excited that you are coming to Manchester. Would love to book for friends once you open.


Hey Sally - we're delighted to be coming! Do sign up to our newsletter (in the footer of the website) and we'll announce when our reservations are open shortly.


Sure Becky - if you'd kindly sign up to the newsletter we will keep you updated on all news :-)


Soon! Sign up to our newsletter (in the footer below) and we'll keep you updated on opening dates.


How lovely - hope to see you dining with us soon! Please do sign up to our newsletter (in the footer below) to keep updated on our news :-)


Hi Sveta, it's very soon. Would love you to join us, so please sign up to the newsletter and we'll keep you updated.


Hey Mets, if you wouldn't mind signing up to our newsletter in the footer of the website then we'll keep you in the loop :-)


Opening very soon! If you wouldn't mind signing up to our newsletter in the footer of the website then we'll keep you in the loop :-)


Hi Clair, do sign up to our newsletter in the footer of the website then we'll keep you in the loop :-)


Living between Cheshire and Mumbai, I have had the 'real thing' If you are ever there, try Jimmie Boys at Fort in South Bombay! Dishoom at St. Martin's Lane is amazing, breakfast, lunch or dinner, super menu! Can't wait to experience Manchester.


Heard this place opening a while back and really can’t wait to try as have been to London Covent Garden but the queues were crazy so it’s now Manchester hometown to look forward to


Amazing news about Dishoom Manchester! And I hear Jet Airways begin direct Manchester Mumbai flight too...great news for lovers of India 😊

Tim Cotgreave

Hi Dishoom, any news yet on an opening date and soft launch? I’ll be there Day 1 for a Big Bombay and Breakfast Lassi :)


Hi just wondering if you have a planned opening date for Manchester?

Dr Priyanka Gupta

Hello, Very excited to hear about the nouvelle Dishoom getting opened shortly.Please keep us updated with the opening day. Pri and Bap P.S-Cant wait to get our hands on the cheese naan and the daal!

Vivienne Pheysey

Fantastic news, hope you are open by the time I visit in mid November. Another reason to leave London and move to Manchester :)


So excited for the opening our friends from Belfast will be booking a visit for the opening, hoping we are invited! We've been to all your other restaurants and loved them. Looking forward to being regulars in our home town.

Cathy Apps

Please sign me up for the newsletter

Tim C

Hi Dishoom, so looking forward to you opening. Any news yet on opening date and a soft launch? Thanks Tim

salim patel

please keep me informed regarding manchester. Food fan of your in London whenever I'm.there, can't wait for MCR Dishoom.


Nice to have a dishoom in Manchester . Would like to be in on the opening night


Been to Carnaby st, can’t wait for this to open in Manchester now we’ve moved here. Let us know when you’re opening please!?

MALCOLM alderton

Just been to your fabulous Edinburgh restaurant, and was told about Manchester. Really can't wait for it to open . Would love to come to an opening night .

gill ashworth

please let me know when you are opening

Debbie Price

Hi, when will you be opening?

James Pyrah

Looking forward to the opening!

Reubs and Laura

I love your restaurants and having a Dishoom in Manchester is fantastic in that I no longer have to travel huge distances to eat your fabulous dishes! If you could find a way to put me on the list for your opening events for me and my partner I would be most grateful. Kind regards


Obsessed with the bacon naan roll for breakfast at Dishoom, I was a regular at the Shoreditch restaurant so really looking forward to having one up north!

Debbie Price

Hi, my daughters graduation is on 12 December, will you be open by then. If yes, I would like a table for 4 at 5pm. Thank you

Sandra Pritchard

I've tried Dishoom in Shoreditch and going to Covent Garden on Monday. I live in Cheshire and am interested in the Manchester opening.

Bruce Pritchard

Please keep me informed about the opening of Manchester Dishoom. Shoreditch was amazing (been twice) and trying Covent Garden on Monday night.

Maggie Debono

Hi looking forward to dishoom coming to Manchester please keep me posted.


Hi Maggie - can't wait to be up there. Please sign up to our newsletter (in the footer of the website) for news of when we're opening :-)


Hey Bruce - you're a star. Please sign up to our newsletter (in the footer of the website) and we'll keep you updated on launch plans :-)


Hey Debbie - drop our reservations team a line ( and they'll get back to you regarding bookings :-)


Hey there, delighted to help - though I'm afraid I have to ask you to sign up to our newsletter (in the footer of the website) and we'll keep you updated.

Jill Harkness

When is the Manchester restaurant opening

Louise Angus

Looking forward to trying your food!


What's your address and postcode? Looking forward to visiting x


After visiting your Edinburgh restaurant, I’m so excited that you’ll be here in Manchester. We plan to be regular visitors! Any idea to what the house special will be? The one in Edinburgh was stunning. Can you let me know how to make a reservation please. Cheers!


We visit Dishoom Kensington it is our favourite establishment. Being from Manchester we were over the moon to find out about the Manchester venue. Please add us. Invite us and sign us up to any information you have. A very happy Mancunian 🐝


Hello!! I visited your King’s Cross restaurant last month and loved it. The food and service was amazing! Please send me details of your opening events. Thanks and see you soon

Theresa Dow

We have been to the Dishoom in London and looking forward to coming to Manchester where I live

Nadia Lees

Is it possible to pre book tables?


Yayyyyy finally in my home city!


Is Dishoom Manchester available to book? I know the London restaurants are not but the Manchester opening is my birthday weekend and I am desperate to get in!


Hi Yasmin - we're now takings bookings for Manchester so do please see to book :-)


Hi Nadia, not for soft launch, but we're taking reservations for after 6th December - see to book :-)


Hi Maria - we're opening on 6th December, but our soft launch is from 9am on Sunday 25th November until 4pm on Wednesday 5th December - it's walk-ins only so do come see us!


Hi Lee - do sign up to our newsletter (in the footer of the website) for Manchester news! But I can share that our soft launch is from 9am on Sunday 25th November until 4pm on Wednesday 5th December - do come see us!


Hi Nicola - visit to make bookings :-)


Hello there, address is 32 Bridge Street, Manchester, M3 3BT. Look forward to meeting you!


Hi Jill - we'll officially be open from 6th December, but our soft launch is running from from 9am on Sunday 25th November until 4pm on Wednesday 5th December. Do come see us!

Kathryn Duffy

awaiting your opening in Manchester


I seriously have been waiting for this to happen for a long time. Can not wait to have you on my doorstep. Best christmas present ever :) See you on the 25th! Welcome to Manchester

Alan marshall

So looking forward to The Dishoom experience

Lynda Kjellberg

Looks amazing, would love to attend the soft launch.Have signed up for news letter, look forward to hearing from you.


Been to all the dishoom restaurants and loved each and everyone. So excited to welcome Dishoom in Manchester what a an restaurant to be coining to our amazing City! So excited Please keep me posted on updates thank you Dishoom!


Will all the food served at Dishoom Manchester be Halal like the London ones?


Love Edinburgh restaraunt. Looking forward to seeing you in manchester.

Ann Beach

Visited dishoom restaurants in various cities and we have enjoyed each visit. Great food, atmosphere and service. I’m sure Manchester will not disappoint

Nitin & Jay

My wife is super excited. Look forward to attending 50% off bonus!!!

Audrey S

Spotted Dishoom on Bridge St Manchester today - to my delight. Before I had to travel far to enjoy Dishoom's delights. Now they will be available on my doorstep. Great news

Hina Desai

Great news that you’re coming to Manchester, having been to Kings Cross one. Looking forward to planning team lunches there. Good Luck with the venture.

Shefali Talukdar

Great can’t wait. Love the food in London


Looking forward to it


Looking forward to a Dishoom in Manchester. Why should London have all the fun? Pre-Christmas breakfast on my list...

Jitendra Ruia

Looking forward

Mrs Nalini Cioffi

Hi I can’t wait for the opening of Dishoom in Manchester as we’ve been to the one in King’s cross London and the food was amazing. Just wanted to know how do I go about booking a table for the soft launch. Thanks Nalini

Ian B

Just what Manchester has been waiting for! Looking forward to ‘helping’ with the soft launch and then the real thing from December, can’t wait...


Hi, Can I book a table for 18 people(including 3 kids) on 6th of Dec? Understand it wont be part of the soft launch. I have been waiting for a long time for the Manchester opening, so exciting!!

Andy Gosling

Best of luck with your Manchester branch ... We were blown away when we ate at the Edinburgh premises over last Christnas. Please sign me up fir your newsletters

Arun Jotangia

Waiting is nearly over

Jill clarke

Looking forward to your opening having enjoyed your Kensington restaurant.

Mandy Sherliket

Hello Please can you advise if you will be open on Christmas Day?


Hi Mandy - we will be closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and then the 1st and 2nd January.


Hi AOC - if you email they will be able to help (though I am not sure if we can accommodate a party of 18).


Hi Nalini - we won't actually be taking bookings during soft launch - just come along and walk in :-)


Hi there - yes indeed :-)

Carole Richards

So excited you're coming to Manchester after visiting your restaurant in Kings Cross.



Natalie Hunter

Hi Is it possible to book tables now?




We visited your Covent Garden restaurant in September and we were so impressed with everything - the food, the staff and the whole atmosphere. We are so excited about the opening of your new restaurant in Manchester and can’t wait to visit.

Lana Dang

Super Excited!!

Paula Seddon

Great news look forward to joining yiu


So excited!!!! Can't wait! Our favourite restaurant comes at last to our favourite city!!

Julie Ardrey

Really excited...visited your Kings Cross London restaurant...FABULOUS! Can't wait...


Can’t wait!

Vishal Burgul

Hello, Will you be taking reservations once the restaurant is open? We are big fans of Dishoom and hoping to bring my Mum for her Birthday on Sat 22nd December, she is from Bombay and loved going to the London restaurant as she said it felt like home! We will need a table for 12 people (9 x adults and 3 x kids)and was hoping to book ahead as my parents are in their 70s and not sure they are down for queuing! Please let us know if this will be possible, we can be flexible on time. Thanks Vish


Hi Vishal - we are indeed taking reservations now in fact. If you drop our team ( an email they would be delighted to help :-)


Hello there :-)


Hi Natalie - it is, yes. Drop us an email to or visit


Love dishoom, especially the Kathi roll. Been to Dishoom Covent Garden countless times.


Can we book in to your soft launch.


Hello, I have emailed twice regarding a booking but unfortunately all I receive is an automated response.


I've got room for Dishoom in my life! - but ... do my vegan friends? :)


My family and I are very much looking forward to Dishoom opening in Manchester as our daughter has visited the London branch on several occasions. Its a must for us now!

Maria James

I love Dishoom and am delighted you are opening in Manchester! Please sign me up for your newsletter.

Lisa Cowgill

I am interested in finding out what you have on and can’t wait to come to your restaurant. I am vegetarian. Many thanks

Yvonne Sawyer

Looking forward to having our very own Dishoom in Manchester, How lucky are we! If its as good as Dishoom in London, then we are in for a treat.

Sarah Javid

Can you keep me informed about the opening. Thanks sarah


Will you be serving halal meat?


I would love to attend the dishoom opening


Hi, Can’t wait to try this place! Heard so many great things! What times will you be opening during the soft opening?


So excited and happy you are opening in Manchester I love your chai x

nicola corless

Can you book a table now for the 8th December

Julie j

Please keep me up to date


Looking forward the Mancheste opening of Dishoom


Looking forward to visiting the Manchester restaurant. Been to the one in Derry street and loved it. Hoping to make it to the soft launch. Maureen

Elaine M Brignall

Can’t wait. Really looking forward to it opening.


Hi Julie, do sign up to our newsletter (in the footer of this page) and we'll keep you up to date on all news :-)


Hi Nicola - if you pop over to, all availability is on there :-)


Hi Sairah, I've included the times above for you :-)


Great - do come along to our soft launch from 9am on Sunday 25th November until 3pm on Wednesday 5th December (8am-11pm weekdays, 9am-11pm weekends).


Yes indeed - if you'd like anymore info then please drop us an email to


Hi Sarah, please sign up to our newsletter (in the footer below) and we'll keep you up to date :-)


Great! Look forward to meeting you!


Hi Maria - if you could kindly sign up to the newsletter (in the footer of the website) then we'll keep you up to date.


Yep - we've got an entire vegan menu for your friends :-)


Oh no - let me check on this for you...


Afraid not Ian - just pop along and see us :-)


Hi guys when can we start booking for Manchester? looking to book for breakfast on 13th December 6 people

Caroline Millar

Good afternoon. It is my son's birthday on Sunday December 9th and I was wondering, if it is possible to book a table for that evening for 6 people for 6 PM at the new Manchester restaurant? He has been to your restaurant at King's Cross a number of times and is very excited that you are planning to open a restaurant close to home. Many thanks, Caroline Millar.

Peter Speight

I emailed about a breakfast tomorrow at 8am for 5, conscious that time is ebbing away. can you confirm this has been received and booked in?


Hi, Do you have any more availability for your soft launch? Thanks

Claire Kerr

Please keep us up to date we have eaten in London and loved it

lyn Atkinson


Russell Howell

How suitable is the menu for coeliacs


Finally!!! A decent Indian restaurant in Manchester!!! Always go to the one in Covent Garden London! The ambience takes me back to India! Can’t wait !! One of the best vada pav I have had outside Mumbai! And the bun maska for breakfast 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 !!!

Amanda Jones

Please let me know when we are able to book - can't wait to come down!

Seamus Mcloughlin

Looking forward to it!

Steve Moulton

How exciting! my daughters, who live in London, rave about Dishoom..

Shane F for Freddie

We had the BEST breakfast that Covent Garden could offer with you and asked your staff when oh when you are you opening in Manchester and were delighted when the said soon...

salim patel

Please can we reserve a table


Can we book for Sunday 26 nov at 730 pm for four

Natalie Evans

Hi, How can I make a booking for 13th December at 5.30pm for 6 people please? Thank you


Are you taking bookings for lunch on Friday 7th December?

Colette lever

Hi, do you have any spare places for the soft launch?

Nargis Nasar

my favourite place in London, im so glad its followed me to manchester


Looking forward to the restaurant opening, it will be nice to dine in authentic upmarket halal Indian restaurant I have say I have high hopes for this place.i hope it doesn’t disappoint!!! I would say I’m abit of critique I’ve give constructive criticism with a smile 😊 See you soon...


Looking forward to the restaurant opening, it will be nice to dine in authentic upmarket halal Indian restaurant I have to say I have high hopes for this place.i hope it doesn’t disappoint!!! I would say I’m abit of critique I’ve give constructive criticism with a smile 😊 See you soon...

Mark Hamilton

Looking forward to this new edition to Manchester’s food scene , especially the brekkie


When are you starting to take bookings for after the soft launch??

Anjum Khan

Looking forward to paying you a visit,you've chosen a great location and building


Can’t wait The Edinburgh Dishoom was one of the best dining experiences I’ve had Fabulous to have one in Manchester


Looking forward to visiting on the 27th Nov :)

jitendra mishra

looking to come in soft opening

jitendra mishra

looking to come for breakfast


Looking forward to visiting!

Salma Raisa Hashmi

Fabulous! You've arrives in Manchester!

Parveen Anwar

Can’t wait to try the food family in London and Edinburgh always rave about your delicious food, welcome to Manchester.


Dashoom in London is my favourite restaurant of all time! Its my birthday on Saturday 1st December. I know you're not taking bookings is there any chance I can reserve a table for my family and I to come for late lunch. If not, what time would give me the best chance of a table?


I absolutely love Dishoom, the vibe and food are amongst my very favourite, however, the staff at time can be deemed a little rude and aloof. When I suggested to one of your hipster servers in Kings Cross that Manchester would be a great place to open, I was swiftly and arrogantly put down with “Well can’t you come up with your own ideas?” Let’s hope this same attitude isn’t taken in the new restaurant.

Ben Taylor

I would like to book a table for Boxing Day at your Manchester branch. Is this possible yet?

Andrew Jackson

Look forward to visiting.


Hiya just wondering is it half price on everything in the menu during the soft launch?


How was your 1st day.? Really elicited that you have opened in Manchester and can’t wait to come in and visit your Restaurant.


Will you be selling the Dishoom coins / currency in your Mcr restaurant


Hi Leigh, we will be. Just waiting for a delivery and they'll be available to purchase :-)


Oh it went well - thanks so much for asking. Do come see us soon.


Hi Zoe, it is half price on all food items. Drinks aren't included in this offer.


Hi Ben, afraid we aren't open on Boxing Day. Our Christmas opening hours are: Christmas Eve: Closed from 4pm (Last seating 2pm) Christmas & Boxing Day: Closed


Phil - this isn't good. I'm sorry a member of the team was rude. I hope you can see us and we can put right.


Hi Emily - as you mentioned, we're not taking bookings during soft launch but I'd suggest coming along for a late lunch would be best in terms of busy-ness. You may want to send someone ahead to make sure that there isn't too long a wait :-)


Hey Chris, we're not actually taking bookings during soft launch but you'll be able to book from 6th December on


Hi Colette, we aren't taking bookings. So just come along and see us :-)


Hi Annie - we are. Visit to book :-)


Hey Natalie, if you visit, all our availability is on there.


Hi Karen, afraid we aren't taking bookings during our soft launch period, but if you visit all our availability for tables after 6th December are listed.


Hi Salim, if you visit all our availability for tables after 6th December are listed on there :-)


Hi Amanda, if you visit all our availability for tables after 6th December are listed on there. Look forward to seeing you soon.


Hi Russell, we have a gluten allergy menu on our website - if you'd like to take a little look:


Hi Adam, we aren't taking bookings during soft launch - but just come along to see us and we'll get you seated ASAP.


Hi Caroline - we'd love to host you and your family! If you visit - all our availability is listed on there :-)


Hey Rob - do see and you should be able to book for then :-)

Pratibha patel

Good luck to you all, i’ve been tonyour London restaurant and loved it. Will be there on Saturday, looking forward to seeing you.

Sanjay Manglani

Welcome to Manchester! Looking forward to trying out your menu.

John Grady

Looks well worth the experience

Sophie Sever

Hi; I’m keen to make a reservation on Friday 14th December at 7:30pm for 2 people. Please can you confirm whether this is possible? Thanks Sophie

Dan Mutton

Cannot wait to come in. If the London ones are anything to go by Manchester is in for a treat. The breakfast menu is an absolute dream. My wife and I have been spreading the word and will be coming along as soon as possible.

Jack Skofic

Hello, are you taking soft launch bookings for Tuesday 4th December? there are 8 of us on a informal Christmas dinner and we'd love to try out Dishoom in Manchester for it. thanks in advance :-)

Sheetal Nandi

Just what Machester has all of our desi cravings can be met! Can't wait to attend!

Charlotte Brown

Hi I have seen there is a soft launch offer of 50% off. There are 6 of us who would like to come on Monday 3rd December. Do we need to book? Thank you Charlotte


Hi - could you confirm your opening times for NYE thank you!

Steph gormally

Can’t wait to try

Lucy Butterworth

Are you open Boxing Day?

mohammed ali

Khana Khan reviews

Mina Parmar

Been to the one in Shoreditch and love the ambience and the food.


Looking forward to it

Irfan Khan

Hi, we are looking forward to see Dishoom in Manchester after hearing great reviews from friends and family.


I would like to stay up to date with all the latest news

Claire Sheikh

Do you have a price list

Martin Sloan

Looking good

Martin Sloan

Can't wait to see you

Ron Hodkin

Looks like another quality restaurant in town

Julie Begg-Robertson

Visited King’s Cross several times when in London, been waiting for you to come to May for ages.


Hi, please can you advise if you cater for a no onion no garlic diet?

Gary Mulvey

Finally! A Dishoom closer to Leeds than Edinburgh or London! Dishoom Manchester did not disappoint! 10/10, beautiful venue, great service and delicious food! See you again next month!


Had an amazing time today at Dishoom Manchester, thank you for the wonderful meal!

Jane Hinds

Looking forward to seeing you soon please keep me posted on opening times


Fantastic food and atmosphere was like being back in an Irani Hotel in Bombay, just the accents were different.

Leah Stone

Hi we'd like to book a table for 5 on the 13th at 8pm, when will booking be open

Mohammmed ashrsf

It’s good service with smile is it halal in manchester please reply


Need to try this place don't mind booking a table but refuse to que up outside . It's cold

Joanne Cross

Is it possible to book a table for 6 please on December 14th at 8pm

Sid Siddiqui

from I think your telephone is not working I have dialled 0161 537 3737 several times. I can’t find your email address either. If you do get this message please ring me on 07774884846. Party of two will be coming for soft lunch between 2 and 2.30 today. Sid Siddiqui


I'm sure that will be fine - all availability is on here:


It is indeed halal :-)


Hi Leah - bookings are open now:


Hi Eilla, yes indeed we can - just contact ahead of your visit and we can sort something for you.


Hey Claire - yep, see our menus here:


Hi Anne-Marie - simply sign up to our newsletter in the footer of the website :-)


Afraid not... we're closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Day and January 2nd.


Sure: we're closed New Year's Day and January 2nd.


Sure is, see here to make bookings:

Rosina Q

Hi, gutted I missed out on the soft launch as only just reading about Dishoom on 6th Dec.

Joe marley

Hi, I just tried to call to book at table for 6 people on the 19th December at 8pm in the Manchester restaurant. Please can you confirm if you are able accomodation the booking? Thanks

Happy Customer

Hey Ginny, This is more of a feedback message from our trip to the Manchester branch of @Dishoom and the experience was incredible! I just wanted to show some love to our waiter Dioggo who was excellent and made the experience very pleasant. I'd really appreciate if you could get that back to the branch! Will definitely be back!


Hi Joe, if you email the team will be able to check for you.

Caroline Rowlands

Hi - I've got a table booked on 28th December for 4 people at 5.15pm. Is it possible to increase the number of diners to 6 people please? Kindest Caroline Rowlands

Susan Lyons

Hi there. Sorry but we have to cancel our booking for 27 th dec at 6 pm in name of Lyons for 9 people ... we will contact you soon with another suitable date .. thankyou Mrs Susan Lyons..


Looking forward to a great sunday afternoon on 30th Dec at Manchester Dishoom.:)

Numan Shah

Hi Is the food halal at Dishoom Manchester? KR Numan Shah


Yes indeed it is - if you'd like any more info then please do email us at Thanks so much.

Stirling Smith

Shahbash. I used to love passing time in Irani cafes in Bombay. Look forward to sampling your khanna.