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The Permit Room

join us for a tipple

Good drinkers of Edinburgh, we warmly invite you to step inside The Permit Room – a space dedicated to the most delicious and sincere tipples, great music and good cheer.

Its name recalls the Bombay Prohibition Act of 1949, which states that all tipplers are required to have a permit to consume alcohol (if only ‘for preservation and maintenance of one’s health’).

Hidden beneath the kitchen of Dishoom Edinburgh, herein we combine the illicit undertones of a Permit Room with the best Bombay tradition of Parsi theatre*. Break a leg, enjoy a Parsi Peg!

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…And what drinks! Settle yourself at the bar and enjoy a treat of a cocktail list. Our award-winning Daru-walla has dreamt up some delicious, never-seen-before cocktails especially for Edinburgh, including:-

Marzban’s Fizz (our tribute to the prolific Parsi theatre playwright) which combines Smoked Chikoo – Indian pear – and Johnnie Walker Black Label, all topped with a soda fizz.

The Pila House Sling with refreshing pineapple and reserve bourbon with orange and lemon sharbat foam.

Tehmul’s Tangle – a cinnamon-tinted threesome of Hayman’s sloe gin, fresh lemon juice and ginger – reminiscent of the 1969 Parsi caper Tirangi Tehmul, which sees a hapless fellow juggling a trio of women.

We also have a fine variety of Gimlets, Sours, Fizzes, and our very own Bombay Presidency Punch.

Or for Edinburgh’s designated drivers, expectant mothers and tee-totallers, we have created a number of totally unique ‘Dry tipples’ including a Dry Old-Fashioned, a Sober Martini and the Virtuous Tulsi Sour, which look and taste like serious drinks, but are entirely alcohol-free.

The Permit Room
Beneath Dishoom Edinburgh, 3A St Andrew Square
Edinburgh EH2 2BD
Tel: 01312 026 406

Opening hours:-

Monday – Wednesday: 8am to 11pm
Thursday – Friday: 8am to 12am
Saturday: 9am to 12am
Sunday: 9am to 11pm

*We give thanks to Bombay author Meher Marfatia for her support in the curation of Permit Room artefacts.