Christmas at Dishoom

Christmas is one of our very favourite times of the year, and its jovial spirit is upon us. Lights are twinkling, the scent of mulled wine is wafting through the air and many parties are afoot. Feast in our cafés, join us for an evening of Christmas carols, enjoy your favourite Dishoom delights in the comfort of your home, or allow our Store to cater for your party and gifting needs.

Christmas in the cafés

The festive season is already in full swing in our cafés – much jolliness, sparkle and merriment, Mulled Brambles and Marmalade Mimosas, platters laded with delicious food and rather a lot of Santa hats! If you haven’t enjoyed a Christmas with us before, you absolutely must! Our lavish Christmas Feasts have tables heaving with all your café favourites including small plates, grills, Biryani and House Black Daal served in abundance along with the most mouth-watering festive specials. 

This year, the Turkey Raan returns – a whole leg, slow-cooked until the meat is so tender it’s falling off the bone. You may also try the new, exciting (and equally as delicious) vegetarian variation. Meanwhile, in the Permit Room, the daru-wallas have created a range of seasonal tipples – from Chai Eggnog to the warming Taj Ballroom Toddy.

Christmas feasts are priced at £39pp and are served for groups of 4 people or more. Bookings are filling fast, but we do have a few tables left should you wish to reserve (do try earlier in the week or mid-afternoon, as we have a little more room at these times). Smaller groups are welcome to order our special festive dishes and tipples, alongside favourites from the all-day menu and as always, walk-ins are more than welcome – just drop by and we'll seat you as soon as possible.

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Festive feasting at home

For the nights a cosy meal in seems more appealing than hitting the town, Bombay favourites and seasonal delights may be dishoomed to your via our friends at Deliveroo. Indulge in café staples alongside the first-class festive special, the Turkey Raan Biryani.

Slow-cooked tender turkey leg, cranberry-studded rice and browned crispy onions are layered and cooked Dum style with cardamom and cinnamon for added warmth and merriment. To check if we can reach you, simply enter your postcode below; do note that delivery zones can be somewhat reduced at peak times.

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Party season saviours

If your Google calendar is brim-ful with seasonal soirées and long-awaited get-togethers, allow us to cater by way of our at-home feasts – part-way prepared café favourites ready to grill, garnish and devour at home. With easy-to-follow instructions, you and your guests will be able to enjoy signature dishes and delicious wine in the comfort of your own home. 

If you happen to indulge in a tipple (or two) too many, signature Naan Roll Kits may also come in handy the morning after. Each kit comes complete with first-class ingredients ready to easily assemble into delicious vegan sausage or bacon naan rolls and plentiful Masala Chai. Bloody Marys may even be added should hair of the dog be in order. The ideal breakfast to satisfy empty-bellied (and sore-headed!) individuals.

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Give the gift of Dishoom

Treat your friends, family or colleagues to delicious gifts and sundries with gift messages and lovely packaging included by way of the Dishoom Store.

Much-loved favourites such as Naan Roll Kits, at-home Feasts and bottled cocktails are available now, alongside lovely new additions from Chai sets and house chutneys to the return of the Masala Dabba and new and improved cookbook hamper. All persons and purses may be satisfied. For those looking to treat a large number of lucky recipients, gifts may be quickly and easily sent to multiple addresses via our group gifting service.

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Christmas Carols

Hosting first-class get-togethers to celebrate the year’s biggest festivals is one of our very favourite things to do. Recently, we had the privilege of having hundreds of you join us to mark the joyous festival of light that is Diwali, and now, we are thrilled to invite you to another special event.

On the evening of Thursday 16th December, we'll be taking over Amazing Grace, a wonderful new live music venue, and renovated seventeenth-century church, in London Bridge for a fantastically festive evening of hearty Christmas carolling. Led by a wonderful choir, singers of all timbres and tones are warmly invited to enjoy a wonderfully festive evening and leave feeling warm and merry with bellies full of House Chai and mince pies. Tickets are £5 and all proceeds will be donated to our wonderful charity partner, Magic Breakfast.

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