Dishoom Coronavirus Safety

With all sincerity, there is nothing more important to us than keeping everyone in our restaurants safe, whether guest or team member. This was true before corona and is absolutely true now.

We also think deeply about how we serve. More than anything else, we love serving you first-class Bombay comfort food and thirst-quenching drink with the warmest hospitality in lovely restaurants. So, we asked ourselves how we can do exactly this while holding a new and sharp focus on safety during the time of corona.

We’ve been working closely with some of the leading safety specialists, and with their guidance, we've created comprehensive Dishoom corona safety standards. These include new roles, policies, processes and equipment, back and front of house, visible and less visible (in some areas, well beyond government guidance) to make sure our restaurants have the highest standards of health and safety for this time.

So, when you come through our doors to your reserved, safely-distanced table, you can expect the same warm hospitality from the same big-hearted Dishoom-wallas (we’ve managed to keep everyone's jobs through this time). However, you may see a bit more signage and guidance on what to do and not do. You may notice a few adjustments to our service which might even feel a little odd at first. Fortunately, our restaurants are spacious enough that we can take out quite a few tables and also add additional screens for safety. We’ve installed new systems for reservations and pay-at-table. We’ve increased the rate of air circulation and added new ultra-violet and ionisation filtration systems of the kind that are used in medical facilities to eliminate viruses.

We also do understand that at this time, individuals’ concerns are many and varied. We’ve tried to anticipate things but if you have any specific questions or requests, we’ll do try our best to accommodate you.



We’re aiming to give you our usual warm welcome and make you feel at ease. You’ll notice some things are a little different – please bear with us!

 For example, we’ve taken some tables out, added some screens and generally rearranged our restaurants to allow for safe distancing. We’re only offering table service in the bar, and if there’s no table when you arrive we might ask you to wait outside (keeping a safe distance from other guests). Menus will either be recycled after one use, or safely cleaned between uses. You can now book ahead, and pay at your table using your smartphone. (There are lots of other measures in place that won’t be as obvious; while we’re being very thorough and careful, we don’t wish to distract you unnecessarily from your meal.)

Please do follow signs, markings, and any guidance from our team, especially in tighter areas such as entrances, exits, lifts and WCs.

Unfortunately, to avoid crowding, we're currently unable to accept any orders for takeaway collection from the restaurants. You can check our delivery areas here.


We work with the leading food and restaurant safety experts in the UK, and we meet the most stringent hygiene standards in all our restaurants. All areas of food and drink supply chain, production, preparation and service have been thoroughly assessed for safety under coronavirus conditions.

All of our restaurants are professionally deep cleaned and disinfected every night with significantly increased cleaning protocols. We have also installed additional air filtration using ultra-violet light and ionisation technology to clean the air continuously (this technology is used in medical facilities and is 99% effective in killing the MRSA and H1N1 viruses, which are part of the same RNA Coronavirus family).

All of our team members are extensively trained on safe distancing and enhanced hygiene procedures, and at every restaurant on every shift there will be team members solely dedicated to cleaning. We’ll be carrying out sanitisation checks comprising hundreds of surfaces and touchpoints at least twice every hour.

We’ve also made significant changes to make sure our team can do their jobs safely. For example, we’ve rejigged our shift patterns and break times, and have fewer team members working on each shift. We’re making sure everyone is well before they come to work, with comprehensive health checks before the start of every shift.