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Do you take bookings?

We save most of our tables for walk-in guests, but we also accept reservations. We welcome bookings for groups of any size until 5.45pm. After this time, we only accept reservations for groups of six or more, except at our Manchester and Birmingham cafés where we continue to take bookings for tables of all sizes. All reservable tables can be viewed and reserved up to four months in advance.


Do you take large group bookings?

Absolutely. We love hosting big gatherings. Bookings of up to 16 may be made here. For larger bookings please take a look at our Group Feasting offering. If you can't find what you're looking for, email, and we'll do our best to help you. 


My deposit wasn't taken off my bill, what should I do?

Humble apologies! Drop us an email at along with your reservation details and a copy of your receipt. Our Finance-wallas will sort it out quickly and make sure you get your refund.


I want to cancel my large party reservation, will my deposit be refunded?

Of course. Do let us know as far in advance as possible (at least 24 hours before your booking) and we'll happily refund your deposit. Kind thanks.


How long is the queue for Dishoom?

The queue times can vary depending on the café, day of the week and time. Usually, it's around 30 minutes long, but during peak hours (estimated between 6pm–7.30pm), it might stretch to an hour. However, we'll keep you topped up with Chai (or sherry) while you wait and once inside you can enjoy a tipple or two at the bar until your table is ready.


Is there a time limit on how long we can stay at the table?

We want you to relax and enjoy your meal without feeling rushed. Typically, we suggest allowing about 1 hour 30 minutes for tables of two, 1 hour 45 minutes for groups of three to four, 2 hours for groups of five to nine, and 2 hours 30 minutes for groups of ten or more. If you need more time, just let your server know.


Can I book a table outside?

Unfortunately, we can't promise outdoor tables due to the unpredictable nature of the weather. You're welcome to request outdoor seating in your reservation notes, and we'll do our best to help. All our cafés, except Manchester and Kensington, have season-dependent seating. Dishoom Shoreditch café, on the other hand, has an all-year-round enclosed Verandah.


Can I amend my reservation party size?

Absolutely. Your booking confirmation email should have an option to amend your reservation. Alternatively, email, and we'll take care of it for you.


Do you have parking?

We don't have parking, but there are public car parks nearby all cafés. Check for the closest one to your chosen Dishoom for hassle-free parking.




Are you dog friendly?

Yes, we are. We gladly welcome all furry companions to enjoy our outdoor seating areas available at all of our cafés, except for Manchester and Kensington. On the other hand, Dishoom Battersea welcomes all furry friends indoors and outdoors. Service dogs are welcome inside all cafés. 


I've lost or left something in one of the restaurants, what should I do?

Don’t worry. Email, and our team will spring into action to help track down your lost items.


Do you have a specific dress code for Dishoom?

Not at all. Just dress comfortably and come as you are.


What times are you open?

We're open:

Monday to Wednesday: 8am - 11pm

Thursday to Friday: 8am - 12am

Saturdays: 9am - 12am

Sundays: 9am - 11pm

Do take a look at the specific location pages for any variations. We’re open as usual on bank holidays. Breakfast is served until 11.30am on weekdays and 11.45am on weekends. Please note that all our cafés are closed from 3pm on 24th December and reopen at 9am on 27th December.


Do you have WiFi?

Absolutely. Enjoy our Chai-Fi to your heart's content.


Can we bring a birthday cake?

Please do. Just bring it along on the day itself as we have limited storage space.


Do all the tips go to the staff?

They do. We share all tips among our wonderful team members, from bartenders to servers, runners, chefs and hosts.


What is your Matka game?

Matka is our special in-house game of chance inspired by Bombay's underground lottery. Any guest who possesses a matka keyring and presents it to their server before 6pm Monday to Friday will receive our Matka board and dice. Roll a six, and your entire bill is on us. No strings attached. Your table can accommodate up to 12 guests, but remember, you only get one roll of the dice. Best of luck!

Simply inquire with a member of our team during your next visit for a matka keyring, and they will be happy to assist you (subject to availability).


When do you have live music in your cafés?

At Dishoom Kensington, our resident pianist takes the stage on Wednesday nights. On Thursdays and Fridays from 7.15pm, we’ve Marine Liners – our house jazz band – delivering three sets of toe-tapping hits.


Are any of your products available to purchase from your cafés?

Yes. Drop by our cafés, there will be a selection of our products available for purchase. To peruse the full store selection, visit our online store.


Do you have a cloakroom?

Unfortunately, we don't have a cloakroom. However, where possible, we'll always look to find space so you can keep your belongings close.




I’m vegan or vegetarian – what can I have?

We have a delightful selection of vegetarian and vegan options, clearly marked on our menus. Additionally, we have a dedicated vegan menu for you to glance at on our website and cafés. Take a peek here.


I’m Jain - do you cater for my dietary needs?

While we don’t have a Jain-specific menu, we offer dishes free from onion, garlic, and egg, which many of our Jain guests enjoy.


Are you able to provide nutritional information for your dishes?

You can find allergen and calorie information in our allergen matrix here. Please note that calorie information may not be available for all dishes or specials.


Is your food halal?

All our lamb and chicken are sourced from Halal-certified suppliers, and we have copies of the certificates for your peace of mind. While we do offer items like alcohol, sausages, and bacon, rest assured that all Haram items are prepared separately. They're cooked on dedicated griddles or pans, with utensils thoroughly washed afterwards. These items are also stored separately in our refrigeration area. Further to that, our animals are stunned before slaughter, adhering to our commitment to ethical practices.


Do you cater for allergies/intolerances?

Absolutely. We cater to various allergies and intolerances, including dairy and gluten. Please see our menus on our website and inform your server of any dietary requirements.


Are you child-friendly?

Indeed we are. Our Children’s menu is perfect for little ones, see here. And we provide highchairs for their comfort. Should you need any milk warming, just ask. 


Have you got any non-spicy food?

Certainly – we particularly recommend the Murgh Malai. All spicy dishes are marked with an “S” on the menu. Do ask your server for guidance.


Can we BYOB / do you have a corkage fee?

We do not offer BYOB services. So sorry.


Do you serve alcohol?

Yes, we do. Indulge in our delightful selection of alcoholic beverages, or opt for one of our refreshing teetotal tipples. See the menu here


Do you offer catering?

While we don’t provide catering for events, you can place large takeaway orders via the "catering" section on Deliveroo.


Do you do set menus?

For groups of 10 or more, we offer our Lunch and Dinner Feasting menus. Kindly see our menus for more information.




Can you deliver to my address?

Our friends at Deliveroo make doorstep delivery most easy. Check here to see if we can deliver to your address.


Do you offer takeaway/click and collect at your cafés?

All our cafés provide take-away service from opening until 5pm on weekdays. Alternatively, you can have your favourites delivered right to your doorstep by Deliveroo. At the moment, click and collect is available exclusively on weekdays during breakfast and lunch at Dishoom Canary Wharf via the Deliveroo app.


Can we take home leftovers from our meal?

Absolutely. Just let your server know, and they'll happily provide takeaway boxes for your leftovers.


Can I use my gift vouchers on Deliveroo?

Unfortunately, our vouchers can't be redeemed on Deliveroo. However, we do offer separate vouchers for online store items. Have a look here.




Do you accept AMEX?

Unfortunately, we don’t currently accept AMEX.


Can I pay with cash?

We operate as a cashless establishment, but if cash is your only option, please inform your server upon arrival.


Do you offer gift vouchers? How many can I use per transaction?

Yes, we do! Explore our gift vouchers here. You can use as many as you like per transaction – making these limitless!


Can I get a copy of the receipt?

Of course! Simply email our team at with details of your visit, and we'll gladly provide a copy of your receipt.


Do you offer an NHS discount?

While we don't have an NHS discount, if you show your NHS card to your server, we'll treat you to unlimited House Chai.


What times does your Bun Maska Chai offer run?

Our Bun Maska Chai offer runs every Wednesday from 2pm to 5pm. Available for eat-in orders only. Just ask your server during these times, and it's on the house.




Are your cafés accessible?/Is there wheelchair access?/disabled facilities?

Yes, our cafés are accessible. You can find more details here.


Do you have highchairs?

Yes, we do. Let us know in your reservation notes how many highchairs you require, or simply ask our host upon arrival.




Can I leave feedback?

Yes, you can. Please do. Please email, and our team will gladly assist you.


How can we contact you?

You can reach our guest services team by phone from 9am to 10pm Monday to Friday, and until 9pm on weekends. We also offer online chat support from 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday, and 10am to 5pm on weekends. Alternatively, you can email us anytime at, and we'll respond ASAP.


I would love to work for Dishoom.

Check out our careers page here. We're proud to be voted the #1 place to work in hospitality.


Do you host events?

We love a good party at Dishoom. Explore our events page and sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear about upcoming events and celebrations.