Christmas in our cafés has arrived

Bedecked in their annual finery of baubles, tinsel and lights, our cafés are ready to receive you for your Christmas celebration. So too are our chefs, who have assembled a most excellent array of festive fare for your table. Our indulgent Christmas Feasting menu is designed for gatherings of six or more, promising lavishly laden thaals of café favourites – and as many side dishes as you wish – to leave your group very merry and thoroughly sated. For smaller groups, we proffer our à la carte Christmas menu, featuring seasonally-inspired specials alongside first-class Dishoom classics.

Moreish Raan Buns

Devour whole turkey leg prepared in the traditional raan style, cooked slowly over a day until meltingly tender, then piled into a warm brioche bun amidst cranberry mayo, spinach, onions and a gentle slice of brie. Or, sample expertly roasted jackfruit – savoury and nicely spiced – served with equally delicious plant-based accompaniments. Dishoom slaw, crunchy salli crisp-chips and deep-fried green chillies complete your dish for the rather reasonable cost of £13.90.

Bun Maska Pudding

Our spice-infused take on traditional bread-and-butter pudding. Bun Maska is baked with a mingling of nuts and custard, with lots of nutmeg and a hint of cardamom. Served with a scoop of cinnamon ice cream to finish. 

Chai Eggnog

Warm your wits with our delicious Chai Eggnog. Traditional eggnog is spiked with Gosling’s Black Seal Rum and chai spice, then liberally dusted with festive nutmeg. An indulgent, fitting end to your Christmas Feast – or any wintery occasion for that matter.

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Dishoom Loves. Issue XIII.

With February comes a gladdening of spirits, lighter morning skies and discernibly louder birdsong. It is also the month to bid farewell to our winter cocoons (at least partially) and tune back into the world beyond our blankets. Allow us to ease the de-hibernation process, by sharing some of the things piquing our interest this month.

A Little Magic

“Who wants to see some magic?” Chef Arun calls out. He flings the rolled out dough into the air, sending it soaring above the counter. It spins and twists, a graceful dancer in the air. The children watch its arc, their eyes wide with wonder, until it lands gently back in the chef's hands. The children shriek in delight.

Dishoom Loves. Issue XII.

January is a most divisive month. For some it heralds the hopeful turning over of new leaves; for others it is a month to trudge begrudgingly through towards the promise of spring. Whichever camp you find yourself in, we have plentiful diversions to share. See them as the cherry atop your already gleeful January cake, or a welcome distraction while you await winter’s end.

Goodbye 2023. Hello 2024.

I AM HERE, dear reader, slovenly and slouched, staring into my drink at the end of the bar in our new restaurant in Battersea. My mind is still down and out, sifting around in the dregs of ’23 but of course it knows that I should really straighten my back, raise my chin and look squarely up into the cold new light of ’24. My drink – Choti’s Punch – clear and strong, sweet with a little salt, may help.