Delight in fulsome feasts and thoughtful gifts for loved ones

Whether you show fondness with acts of service or with suitably thoughtful gifts, the Dishoom Store is brimful of curiosities sure to impress loved ones this Valentine’s day. Do read on for our handy gift guide below and find an ample array of gifts from make-at-home café classics to calming home fragrance. The Home Feast will soon be making its departure from the Dishoom store, (so while you still can) delight in generous servings of our most-loved dishes, to be cooked at home.

Naan Roll Kits:– Ideal for satisfying empty bellies at any time of the day, a Bacon Naan Roll Kit, or Vegan Sausage Naan Roll Kit is sure to evoke joy in the making and eating. Pair with house chai or add a sparkling Marmalade Mimosa for extra happy-making. Don't forget, these are delivered anytime before 10pm on your selected day, so we advise choosing the day ahead of your celebrations.

Home Feast:– A soon-to-depart collection of our café classics for at-home enjoyment, starring House Black Daal, Mattar Paneer, Murgh Malai and much more besides. If you so wish, add a bottle of the very best sparkling wine. Sure to impress. Kindly note, kits can arrive anytime before 10pm on your chosen day, so be sure to select the day before you plan on enjoying.

Dishoom House Chai:– Give the gift of Dishoom’s signature café blend in a fine tin or as part of a gift set, featuring two chai glasses and a top-quality tea strainer. Abundantly spiced, easy to prepare and endlessly comforting.

Dishoom Agarbatti “Incense” Box:– The calming scents of sandalwood, vanilla and chamomile have graced our cafés for many years. Find two packs of Dishoom Incense, two smart box of matches and a Dishoom-designed wooden incense holder in this set designed to quieten the mind. All is housed in a fetching box. 

Cookery Book and Masala Dabba Tote:– Discover how to make much-loved café favourites with our best-selling cookery book. Put newfound knowledge into practice with a first-class Dishoom Masala Dabba – neatly packed in a rather lovely turquoise-blue tote bag.

Dishoom Chutneys:– A delectable trio of Apple Chundo, Tamarind & Date Chutney and Chilli Chutney, perfect to daub, dip or dollop as necessary to uplift all manner of dishes. If you’re not sure which one to pick, the gift set includes all three plus little stainless-steel spoons and bowls for serving.

Last-minute gifts:– Last-minute gift-seekers may yet be saved, with e-vouchers available for instant delivery, along with moreish chutneys and fiery Tomato-Chilli Jam by way of Deliveroo.

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Meal kits may be ordered with nominated day delivery, and key dates are filling fast, so make haste. The cut off for Naan Roll Kits is midday, two days before your desired delivery date, and for Feast Kits, midday, three days before. Kindly note, delivery may be made up until 10pm on your chosen day, so we suggest selecting the day before you plan on enjoying them.

For everything else, allow 2–3 working days for delivery (we suggest ordering ahead of February 8th to ensure timely arrival). If your loved one is further afield, please do allow 10 days for international delivery.

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