Gifts to cherish from talented friends

This Christmas if you’re seeking boutique gifts that are as unique as the people you’re buying them for, might we kindly point you in the direction of some truly exciting young South Asian businesses with an offering of choice gifts that can be considered for Christmas and beyond. 

From natural skincare and darling bijoux to subscription meals, abstract prints and sustainable scents, here’s a top selection that will be sure to surprise and delight.

For the collectors of fine things

Anisha Parmar London:— A delightful selection of contemporary jewellery celebrating South Asian history, mythology, heritage and culture. Each piece is thoughtfully designed and handcrafted by Anisha, evolving into modern-day heirlooms charged with stories and emotions that journey through time. 

Alighieri:— A fine addition to carefully curated trinket collections. Inspired by Italian poet and scholar Dante Alighieri and rooted in literature and art, each fragmented talisman in Rosh Mahtani’s demi-fine jewellery shop is designed to be a constant companion through life’s many wanderings. 

For those with a keen eye for design

PULP:— Designer Jaz Bhogal’s work is derived from her interest in the female body. Her curated digital prints are available to buy and are the perfect addition to the walls of a bedroom, living room, hallway and suchlike. 

Chai Paani:— The ideal gifts include: candles with gorgeously designed labels, nostalgic scents and memories from the homeland, and typographic canvas totes to carry it all home. A sizeable selection of both is available to buy at Chai Paani. 

Mela Jewellery:— Indispensable everyday jewellery that’s testament to a life consciously lived. Sustainable (and largely recycled) metals are handpicked and handcrafted by founder Deepa Mistry into dainty, minimal designs suitable for all kinds of persons and styles.  

For those with a discerning palate

DabbaDrop:— A gift subscription delivered right to the door, Bombay-style. Bring it in, unpack the stainless steel dabba and dive into the rich flavours of South Asia through the plant-based, homemade meals. With a revolving menu each week, it’s a culinary journey without the long-haul flight. 

Biskut Bar:— Introduce your pantry cupboards to biscuits and bites inspired by snacks and flavours from the subcontinent. Opt for savoury Jeera Biskut or unwavering aromatic rusk, subtly-sweet Besan Ladoo Biskut, Nankhatai and more. Order them as stocking fillers or as a selection packed together in well-designed and aptly-named tins. 

For the followers of daily rituals

Kaapi:— Gift the joy of frothy, creamy South Indian filter coffee with Kaapi. Grown in South India, the medium-roast blend is available in individual bags or as part of a handy subscription. Choose the accompanying brass accessories for the traditional brewing experience. 

Mauli Rituals:— Ancient Indian medicine Ayurveda comes together with aromatherapy for a gentle range of products for the skin, hair, body and mind. For the lovers of all-things-natural,, a gift from Mauli Rituals will be much appreciated. 

Fable and Mane:— An indulgent offering of vegan, clean and cruelty-free hair wellness products, inspired at the root by the Indian tradition of hair oiling. So, put your hair up and peruse their many gifts. 

For the lovers of redolence

Śurū:— Meaning ‘Begin’, Śurū offer a range of fragranced candles and limited-edition artisanal objects inspired by their life in London and their roots in the Punjab. Top scents for all your beloved noses. 

Kera:— Calming soy wax candles capturing scents influenced by a life lived in Kerala, and in reusable amber jars that can be held on to and given a second life.

Should you be looking for gifts and sundries from the Dishoom Store, you may peruse our alternative gift guide here to explore our all-new range.

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