A guide to Christmas gifting by Dishoom

Neatly wrapped presents sitting patiently under the tree. Excited hands, a quick tug of the string, a sharp tear of paper, the reveal of a thoughtful gift, a smile and soft contented sigh. 

For those after such gifts that fill the room with joy, may the Dishoom Store be your guide. Brimful with barmy gifts and sundries, contents that guarantee that no one is left displeased. For inspiration, have a little scroll. 

Gifts for an extra special Christmas

The Dishoom Hamper:— For the very best of family and friends, consider the first-class, limited-edition Dishoom Hamper featuring a selection of fine and flavoursome goods nestled into a smart box for keeping. Packed within are much-loved classics (House Chai, Dishoom Tea Towel, Permit Room Old-Fashioned) as well as all-new delights (2023 Calendar, Incense kit) – a charming surprise for all those who own. It also works as the very best gift for one’s own self. 

Festive Raan Feast:— This year, we added a sprinkling of spice to our seasonal Festive Raan Feast. Think Yuletide-favourite turkey (a whole leg to be precise) prepared in the traditional Indian raan style. Each feast includes Turkey Raan with all the trimmings, light and crunchy Bhel, House Black Daal, Mattar Paneer, Naan, Basmati Rice and Mango Lassi. Also in the bag: the Dishoom Christmas playlist, Incense and Matches to imbue your home with that festive feeling.

Gifts to fill stockings with

Dishoom Agarbatti “Incense” Box:— Featuring two packs of signature Dishoom Incense, a wooden incense holder, two sets of matches and a guided meditation by yoga, meditation and breathwork coach Angie Tiwari. Suitable for all persons; uplifting for all moods. 

Cranberry-Chilli Chutney:— The flavours of festive-favourite cranberry dance together with red and green chilli in this rich jam-like chutney. Christmas dinners – and the all-important leftovers sandwiches – are elevated with this spicy-tarty surprise. 

Gifts for your secret santa

Dishoom Calendar 2023:— Prepare for the new year with our very special, limited-edition 2023 calendar with snippets of historical information, charming recipes and other important matter (surprises included). A handy present allowing its recipient to start the year off right. 

Dishoom Tea Towel:— A failsafe gift much loved by everyone. Finest quality textile, with an agreeable design. Equally striking while keeping fresh rotis warm or hung along the oven door. 

Gifts to be enjoyed by the fire

Dishoom Agarbatti “Incense”:— We’ve captured the signature Dishoom fragrance of sandalwood, vanilla and chamomile into the newly-launched Dishoom Agarbatti. A pack of 20 hand-dipped incense sticks (with a burning time of 40 minutes each) is now available for at-home enjoyment. 

Dishoom House Chai:— Wake up on Christmas morning to a glass of Masala Chai. With Assam tea and Dishoom signature spices, our House Chai is available in a smart, reusable tin or as part of a gift set, paired with two chai glasses, a tea strainer and two of Chef Naved’s favourite biscuit recipes. 

Permit Room Cocktails: A choice between our Premier Padmini Negroni or the Permit Room Old-Fashioned. Both carefully crafted and available in glass bottles that you’ll want to hoard. 

Gifts that will gather you around the kitchen

Dishoom Masala Dabba:— A great addition to any spice cupboard and the ultimate foundation for mastering Dishoom recipes and Indian cookery. 12 top-quality spices (including four signature masalas) are handpacked into a smart dabba (tin). 

Cookery Book and Masala Dabba Tote:— A smart, turquoise-blue cotton tote gently holds the contents of this very thoughtful gift: The Dishoom Cookery Book (and highly subjective guide to Bombay) and the quintessential starter-kit for all aspiring Indian food and Dishoom recipe masters alike, the Masala Dabba

Chutney Gift Set: Delivered in a noteworthy Dishoom-designed box replete with jars of Apple Chundo, Tamarind & Date Chutney and Chilli Chutney, three small spoons and bowls for serving. Notice a boost in the receiver's smile and in the flavours of all manner of dishes.  

Naan Roll Kits: Handy at-home cookery-kits, perfect for Boxing Day morning after a long and hearty Christmas feast. Choose between the Vegan Sausage Naan Roll Kit or the Bacon Naan Roll Kit. Also included, Chai spices and loose-leaf tea to brew some delicious Dishoom Chai for two. The ideal start to a wintery day.  

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If you’re seeking boutique gifts that are as unique as the people you’re buying them for, might we kindly point you in the direction of some truly exciting young South Asian businesses. Peruse our alternative gift guide here.

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