The Beatles and India

An unlikely kinship

When we were busy dreaming up Dishoom Carnaby in 2015, we made a surprising discovery: in the 60s, young Indians and young Brits struck up a relationship that resulted in some truly amazing music.

For this generation, culture was currency. Hip, young Indians rocked up in London. 'Beat' bands in Bombay belted out versions of the latest rock'n'roll hits. Indian musicians dreamt of making it big in the West, while British bands were equally eager to explore India. Despite their very different upbringings, they revelled in their opposing cultures.

We got so excited about this that we released an album of Bombay-London grooves, Slip Disc. We attempted to capture the open-mindedness of these artists by spending much time with the musicians who were part of that scene, including Reynold D'Silva.

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Introducing 'The Beatles And India' – a feature length film documentary

Dear friend, Reynold D'Silva has now produced a feature-length documentary about the Bombay music scene, and perhaps the most famous example of this cross-continental youth revolution – The Beatles.

They inspired and influenced Indian rock bands, while also nurturing a deep respect and admiration for Indian classical music. This new film, 'The Beatles And India’ documents The Beatles' love for India (including never-seen-before footage) and how it came to influence their music and beyond. Now available to stream, you can view the trailer here.

To celebrate the release, the team behind ‘The Beatles and India’ are offering you the chance to win a round trip to Bombay. To read the particulars and to enter, kindly click here.

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The Beatles' tipple of choice

As an ode to the release of 'The Beatles and India', you can sip on 'While My Sitar Gently Weeps’ in our cafés until the end of October. A radical reduction of Thums Up nogged with egg, cream and unstinting Johnnie Walker Black Label created by our daru-wallas.

‘While My Sitar Gently Weeps’ is available for £10.90 at all cafés (bar Covent Garden) until October 31st
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