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In India, mealtimes are very much a family affair. Everything is shared, and the children eat (more or less!) what the grown-ups eat.

Here at Dishoom, younger guests are welcome to order from our main menu, just like the grown-ups. Our food is meant for sharing, after all. And we can always recommend milder dishes.

But if you prefer to keep things simple, we’ve put together this special menu with chote (little) Dishoom-wallas in mind. Smaller portions, very little spice, but just as nice.

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Chote Dishoom-Wallas Menu

One plate meals for little Dishoom-wallas served with Bombay potatoes, Dishoom slaw, and a glass of fruit juice.

Murgh Malai

Mild, tender grilled chicken thigh. 7.50

Paneer Tikka

Tasty Indian cheese and peppers. (V) 7.50