An all-new café, coming soon

With greatest delight, we are beyond excited to share that this winter we’ll be opening the doors to the brand-new, most fine and gorgeous Dishoom Canary Wharf!

Our newest home, nestled in a little corner of Wood Wharf, will bring to life the glittering-shimmering, big-business, metropolitan scene of ‘70s Bombay. When fortunes were made and lost, swindles plotted and uncovered, and dreams were dreamed and broken.

For now, our Chef-wallas are busying themselves cooking up new dishes; the Daru-wallas are inventing (and tasting!) merrymaking drinks; and design, music and artwork are coming together to tell all manner of stories. It's going to be brilliant (perhaps the best yet!), and we can't wait to welcome new patrons and old friends for everything from breakfast and mid-morning chai to lunch, afternoon tipples, evening feasts and late-night snacks. 

We can’t let on too much just yet, but we invite you to enjoy a little taste of the brand-new Dishoom Canary Wharf story below. And if you’d like to be kept up to date with our progress (or if you live or work in the area – hello, new neighbour!), kindly sign up below and we’ll keep you well informed on all Canary Wharf happenings.

Bombay, 1973 

"It’s getting light outside. It must be about 6:00am. He’s been awake half the night trying to think what to do. Sitting on his bed, beneath the rotating shadows of the ceiling fan, he stares blankly at the wall. He’s got to think – he’s running out of time. He gets up – his legs feel weak. He’s panicking, even though he knows it won’t help. It can’t fix what he’s done. He let his mind and ambition outweigh his heart and now when he looks in the mirror he can’t recognise the face looking back at him. The look of a man carrying the unbearable weight of shame."

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