Dishoom Loves. Issue V.

From books to read in the sunshine, exhibitions to sneak into when the clouds come out and a special historical moment. Read on for all the things we're loving in June.

We’re learning about

The British Empire by poring over Sathnam Sanghera’s newly-released book Stolen History. Between its 208 pages lies the truth about the past and an understanding of how its effects are felt even today. Gripping. Intelligent. Bound to be dog-eared and recounted heartily. 

We’re visiting

The Offbeat Sari exhibition at the Design Museum, celebrating the versatile sari. From drapes and pleats to pins and tucks – it's an exquisite showcase of the finest selection from Indian designers and artisans, and demonstrates ‘the sari as a metaphor for the complex definitions of India today’.

We’re filled with love from

Our latest Magic Breakfast Takeover. Each year, children from our wonderful charity’s partner schools fill one of our dining rooms with their voices and smiles, and enjoy a hearty breakfast with our team. After filling their bellies at our Birmingham café, they headed into the kitchens armed with tiny aprons, chef’s hats and rolling pins, and followed Executive Chef-walla Arun’s lead to make near-perfect round naans. 

We celebrated

As the sun shone down over Faraday House, Hampton Court on a recent Friday afternoon we were honoured to be present as author and friend Anita Anand unveiled an English Heritage blue plaque to commemorate Princess Sophia Duleep Singh. The youngest daughter of Maharaja Duleep Singh – the last Maharaja of the Sikh Empire – Sophia was more than a princess. She was an active campaigner, a fundraiser for women’s rights and a suffragette. Do read Anita's book, Sophia: Princess, Suffragette, Revolutionary to discover her extraordinary story. 

We’re indulging in

Beautiful photos that form part of Tamil-British photographer Mathushaa Sagthidas’ ongoing exhibition ‘Not Just Brown, Not Just Indian’. Exploring the diversity of traditions, cultures and identities present within the South Asian community, the photographs help to tell stories that are more than “Just Indian” – stories from Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. On until Thursday 17th August at The Lab at Oaklands Rise. 

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Vaisakhi, a day marked across India by people of many faiths, is celebrated in the Punjab as the start of the new Harvest. It falls on the 13th or 14th April depending on the calendar for that year.

Dishoom Loves. Issue XV.

Spring has gently tiptoed in. As the days lengthen and the sun grows bolder, here’s a glimpse of what we eagerly await in April.

Ayesha Erkin shares one of her delectable date recipes

We’re turning page after page of Ayesha Erkin’s recipe book Date of the Day, featuring 30+ recipes for the modest date – timely for breaking fast and after. Our dear friend Ayesha has now kindly shared a recipe for you to make at home. Try it this Iftar or any time you need a salty-spiced sticky treat.

Celebrate Iftar with Dishoom

The holy month of Ramadan is upon us, when Muslims around the world fast daily from dawn till dusk. It is a time of private worship and spiritual discipline, but also of shared joy and abundant feasting. Families and communities come together at suhoor, the pre-dawn meal, and at iftar, the evening meal, to break their fasts with copious, delicious dishes. Join us on 7th April for our own Iftar celebration – for an evening of feasting and live music.