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For those who are more comfortable at home, we are very glad to offer hot food (and other sundries) for local delivery in Manchester.

Enjoy our much-loved Bombay comfort food, and specifically those recipes that can abide a little travel – Biryanis, Ruby Murrays and House Black Daal, along with first-class Small Plates, Veg Side Dishes and hand-made Breads. In particular, you must try our lunchtime Kathi rolls, which are only available through our delivery service. See the delivery menu here.

Such culinary comforts can now be dishoomed to your home every day from lunchtime 'til late. To check if we can reach you, simply enter your postcode here; do note that delivery zones can be somewhat reduced at peak times. Collection is also possible by selecting the Pickup option.

Always cooked by Dishoom chefs and served from Bombay with love. And, for each and every meal you order, we donate a meal to a child. We work with Akshaya Patra, a charity in India which provides nourishing free meals to schools. This means the children are undistracted by hunger, and ready to learn.

Dishoom Manchester: 32 Bridge St, Manchester M3 3BT