Celebrate Iftar with Dishoom

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The holy month of Ramadan is upon us, when Muslims around the world fast daily from dawn till dusk. It is a time of private worship and spiritual discipline, but also of shared joy and abundant feasting. Families and communities come together at suhoor, the pre-dawn meal, and at iftar, the evening meal, to break their fasts with copious, delicious dishes.

We will be hosting our own Iftar celebration on April 7th, at Camley Street Natural Park near Dishoom King’s Cross.

What to expect from this enchanting evening 

Hassen Rasool will lead the call to prayer, which will echo through the nature reserve’s greenery – perhaps sending some of its resident birds and butterflies fluttering skywards. 

Guests are then invited to break fast with boxes of iftar treats – dates, vegetable samosas, black chickpeas and plenty more – before enjoying a plentiful buffet. Gathering at long banquet tables nestled within the beauty of the reserve, guests can feast on delicacies like tender Lamb Raan Biryani, fluffy Keema Pau and sticky-sweet Mawa Jalebi, accompanied by live music from leading Qawwali artist, Chand Ali Khan. 

Nearby, overlooking Regent’s Canal, House of Henna will be providing intricate henna designs. And empty cups will be swiftly replenished with steaming chai, water, or refreshing sodas. 

All guests are most welcome to observe prayers before or after breaking fast, and there will be a dedicated, indoor space to do so. And while we will be celebrating in a traditional way, we warmly welcome people of all faiths and all walks of life to celebrate with us. 

As giving is very much at the heart of Ramadan, we will make a zakat (charity donation) of the full ticket price (£30 pp) to Akshaya Patra, a charity working towards eradicating childhood hunger as a barrier to education in India. To find out more and buy tickets, kindly click the link below.

Sold out

Until then, Ramadan Mubarak to you all. May your prayers and fasts be accepted, and may the blessings you receive fill your life with love and happiness.

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