An invitation to attend the soft launch of our newest café

After much daydreaming, rule-writing and researching of the 1970s Bombay financial scene and its (clean and shady) characters, at long last we have the keys to our brand-new home in Canary Wharf

We will officially open our doors on Wednesday 30th November, but before then, and in preparation, we are so very excited to invite you to the soft launch of our newest, swishest café.

Our soft launch will run until 3pm on Tuesday 29th November. As a thank you for joining us during these early stages, all food can be enjoyed at 50% off across breakfast, lunch and dinner – too good, you simply must come (please, take a look at our menus and be fully convinced)!

Dates:– Tuesday 15th November until 3pm on Tuesday 29th November.

Offering:– 50% off food only.

Reservations:– Bookings are now full but walk-ins are welcomed warmly. Simply drop by at any time, we're so looking forward to seeing you.

So, come one, come all, we simply cannot wait to see you, serve you and to show you around our rather snazzy new place. In the meantime, we suggest you lose yourself in the first chapter of our newest founding myth...Read Chapter One and watch the trailer here.

Kindly note:– Our soft launch discount is reflective of the fact that these are some of the very first shifts for our team, so whilst we’ll aim to deliver an experience that is every bit as good as you should expect from us, please do excuse any little hiccups that may occur. Festive feasting menus and specials will not be served during our soft launch, but will be available once we officially open our doors on Wednesday 30th November. To find out more and make a Christmas booking, click here.

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Caring hands at Ramadan


We often find it too easy to hurtle through the days, in an attempt to outpace the bustling city – be it London or Bombay – which always seems to be running away like a steam-engine train on a rickety track. Occasionally, it does us good to pause for thought, to disembark the carriage and sit on the platform awhile.

The Art of Hosting, with our friend Kirthanaa Naidu

How does one create a space where people can truly connect over food? How can a host make their guests feel relaxed, at ease, and suitably cared for? Since launching our all-new Dishoom Crockery, we have been pondering the answers to these questions even more than usual. We recently discussed them with Creative Director - and frequent dinner party hostess - Kirthanaa Naidu when we invited her to create a first-class tablescape in our Canary Wharf café.


Each year, the spring equinox – when day and night are equal length – marks a transition in earth’s relationship with the sun. This event, sacred to many cultures throughout history, today thrives as a new year celebration for hundreds of millions.
In Bombay, London, and throughout the South Asian diaspora, you’ll find many folks of the Zoroastrian faith (amongst others) celebrating this new year, or Navroz as we like to call it.