Dishoom Impact Report

Figuring out what impact you have on the world - the lives you touch, the footprints you might leave - is not straightforward.

We’ve been thinking about this a lot and this document tries to bring together our understanding of the impact we have on our people, our community and the planet. It’s not a perfect document and as we’ve written it, we’ve felt pride at the things we have managed to do, but we’re conscious of ideas we didn’t think through enough, plans we didn’t execute which would have helped us do more.

You’ll read more in what follows, but we’d like to think that we’ve become one of the very best employers in hospitality; we’ve won many awards for this work and this year we ranked in the Sunday Times Top 10 best workplaces list. We’re also proud that we have reached the milestone of having donated 20 million meals to children at school who would otherwise have gone hungry. Meanwhile, over the years our many events have created community over culture and food and broken down barriers; with hundreds of non-Muslims partaking in Eid festivities, and hundreds of non- Hindus partaking in Diwali festivities, difference a source of joy rather than judgement. Finally, I’m glad we now understand our carbon footprint, and that we’ve begun to reduce it, and that we are working with some good projects on carbon reduction outside Dishoom as well.

There’s still much more to do of course, but for now, we hope you’ll enjoy reading. To be part of it all – to see within our restaurants, hosts at their warmest best, chefs making their heartiest food, bartenders shaking lip-smacking drinks, guests smiling contentedly – is a pleasure and a privilege for us.

Thank you, sincerely. 

Dishoom Impact Report
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