Dishoom Loves. Issue XV.

Spring has gently tiptoed in. As the days lengthen and the sun grows bolder, here’s a glimpse of what we eagerly await in April.

We’re all ears for:—

Three Million — a podcast on the overlooked tragedy of the 1943 Bengal Famine during World War Two in British India. Immerse yourself in forgotten historical chapters through firsthand accounts of farmers, fishermen, and colonial British citizens. Tune in exclusively to the BBC, let the past echo in your ears. 

We’re snagging tickets for:—

Monkey Man, starring Oscar-nominee Dev Patel, is a gripping tale set in the underground fight clubs of an Indian slum. A blend of ancient mythology with gritty realism and some seriously heart-pounding action. Perfect pick for a chill Saturday night—adrenaline and depth guaranteed. 

We’re gathering friends:—

To watch Bridgerton's Charithra Chandran as a 17-year-old misfit whose sole deity is Taylor Swift. Tragedy strikes when her sister meets an unusual fate involving a Yorkshire pudding. Instructions of a Teenage Armageddon promise laughter, tears, and a poignant reminder of our younger selves. Catch it live at the Garrick Theatre until 28th April. Booking in advance may be wise. 

We’re getting into rhythm with:—

An upcoming single by South Asian music label, Desi Trill. Mumbai Magic is a straight-up love letter to the electric charm of Bombay. Dropping on 12th April, it'll whisk you straight into the city's heart with its irresistible energy. Crank up the volume, let loose.

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Dishoom Loves Issue Sixteen

Dishoom Loves. Issue XVI.

May has us buzzing. The scent of the fresh, juicy Alphonso mangoes, two long weekends, cultural exhibitions, new documentaries – there’s a lot to soak in.


Vaisakhi, a day marked across India by people of many faiths, is celebrated in the Punjab as the start of the new Harvest. It falls on the 13th or 14th April depending on the calendar for that year.

Ayesha Erkin shares one of her delectable date recipes

We’re turning page after page of Ayesha Erkin’s recipe book Date of the Day, featuring 30+ recipes for the modest date – timely for breaking fast and after. Our dear friend Ayesha has now kindly shared a recipe for you to make at home. Try it this Iftar or any time you need a salty-spiced sticky treat.