Dishoom Loves. Issue XIV.

We’re heading into March as we mean to go on: filling our eyes, ears and bellies courtesy of many talented creators in the South Asian community. Whether you’re in the mood for stirring music or a contemplative read, we hope you find something you enjoy.

We’re turning up the volume with:—

South Asian Sounds – a mini-festival taking place from 7th – 10th March at the Southbank Centre. Be transported by contemporary and classic performers from across South Asia, including curated performances by our good friends and genre-defying UK collective, Dialled In. They will be platforming Pakistani maestro Ustad Noor Baksh, who makes his UK debut alongside Eelam Tamil vocalist Pritt.

We’re getting deep with:—

Sanah Ahsan’s debut poetry collection, which we’re adding straight to our shelves. Sanah is a previous winner of the Outspoken Performance Poetry Prize, and their poems are known for their tenderness and evocative imagery. Expect Quranic verses and Urdu phrases woven into soulful meditations on queerness, faith, desire and the very act of being.

We’re preparing to feast with:—

Desified – a cookery book inspired by the core principles of Ramadan, perfect as the holy month approaches. Recipes include easy-breezy breakfasts (ideal inspiration for suhoor), as well as tasty family feasts and sweet treats. Naturally, it also comes chock-full of delicious ideas for ways to break your fast.

We’re pressing play on:—

Season 7 of Somebody Feed Phil, specifically their ‘Mumbai’ episode. Eagle-eyes will spot Dishoom co-founder Kavi Thakrar leading host Phil through the city’s bustling streets, as they embark on a whistle-stop tour of the city’s most famous (and flavourful) foodie strip, Mohammed Ali Road. Prepare to feel extremely hungry.

We’re taking a moment with:—

Our very own Dishoom x Mauli Rituals hand & body wash, the newest addition to the Dishoom Store. Gentle and fragranced with a signature-blended Dishoom scent, made from essential oils of bergamot, reposeful jasmine, sandalwood, lime and sweet orange. Perfect to gift (even if only to oneself).

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Dishoom Loves. Issue XVIII.

The July issue of Dishoom Loves is already here (and perky, for your eyes). Fill your mind with some of the best South Asian talent, from a 17-year-old playwright sharing her life story, to a beauty expert’s top tips and tricks. And, a doctor who writes about henna.

Permit Room Cambridge: A tribute to 1970s Bombay

Arched into the cobbled lane of Trinity Street, behind a mustard yellow door, an all-day bar-café cuts loose. Not to be confused with the buzzy bars in Dishoom cafés, this Permit Room is entirely other – a tribute to the way Bombay kicks back and cuts loose – a salute to the city’s permit rooms, beer bars and drinking holes.

Dishoom Loves. Issue XVII.

June brings the promise of sun-drenched days – or monsoons – balmy nights and a smattering of first-class cultural happenings.

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