Dishoom Loves. Issue VII.

Welcome to a brand new month of Dishoom Loves. For those who often receive our emails, and for those who follow us on Instagram, you’ll know that we worked together with the ever-so-talented artist Manjit Thapp. Peruse our first-ever collection of limited-edition T-shirts (they’re available to buy now!) So this month, we thought it would be wonderful to hear about all the things Manjit Loves. Have a little read. 

I’ve found comfort in between:—

The pages of artist Meera Lee Patel’s book My Friend Fear. As a creative, I’m often filled with self-doubt, and Meera’s book has been helpful in confronting that. It holds a visual treat – pages filled with her watercolour illustrations (that I’ve been a fan of for awhile), introspective quotes and thought-provoking questions. To leave you with one: “What dreams are hiding between your fears?”. 

I’m spending hours:—

Admiring a print that sits above my desk, titled ‘Troublemaker’s’ by artist Manuja Waldia. In it, and surrounded by a bouquet of sweet flowers, bright-ripe mangoes and the watchful eye of some birds, a group of women come together for an afternoon (or perhaps an early evening) of chai and sweet-treats. Each time I look at it, I notice something new and I find myself longing for a balmy afternoon-evening with my own friends. 

I’m deeply inspired by:—

The storytelling from jewellery brand Alighieri. From The Link of Wanderlust Ring to The Flickers of the Sea Necklace, founder Rosh Mahtani reminisces about childhood summers spent by the beach. Rummaging through old photos from her father’s road trip in the 80s, their unspoken bond, her love for film photography and more. And it’s wonderful to watch it all come alive through each ‘modern heirloom’. 

I’m listening (on loop) to:—

Singer-songwriter Raveena Aurora’s soulful and ethereal music – the ideal companion when I’m working. And her music videos are near perfect, too. If you haven’t already, I recommend taking five minutes (4.39 to be exact) to watch the video for her track ‘Mystery’. Featuring Irani cafés, bouffant hairstyles with flowers gently perched atop, beautiful saris and nostalgia-inducing backgrounds that take you straight to a vintage Bollywood film. 

I spend my evenings watching:—

A first generation, 20-something-year-old, Egyptian-American living in New Jersey. He navigates through life torn between his faith, his community and new age ideals, in the comedy-drama series Ramy. With two seasons, and twenty episodes, some of my favourites will always be the standalone ones from the female perspective of his sister and mother. 

Dishoom x Manjit Thapp: The Trailblazers has arrived

We’re overjoyed to announce that our collaboration with Manjit Thapp is now available. Three most special T-shirts bearing a beautiful illustration of these trailblazing, rule-breaking woman from Indian history. Choose from T-shirts proudly displaying warrior queen, Rani Lakshmi Bai, princess turned revolutionary, Sophia Duleep Singh, and India’s first female photojournalist, Homai Vyarawalla

This limited edition Trailblazers collection is available by way of the Dishoom Store.

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