Dishoom Loves. Issue XVI.

Dishoom Loves - Issue Sixteen

May has us buzzing. The scent of the fresh, juicy Alphonso mangoes, two long weekends, cultural exhibitions, new documentaries – there’s a lot to soak in.

We’re spending our evenings:— 

Reading a transformative anthology of life-lessons and poems by Sunday Times bestseller, Hussain Manawer, I Wanted to Quit Too – coming 23rd May. Between its pages lies heart-to-heart conversations with global icons like Courteney Cox and KSI to Manawer's own soul-stirring poetry. Inspiring. Heartfelt. Bound to be dog-eared. Find renewed hope and purpose. 

We’re totally hooked on:—

A gutsy, David and Goliath story of a father standing up to a whole village to get justice for his 13-year-old daughter. To Kill a Tiger is all about hope, resilience and a father’s unconditional love. It's incredibly emotional, worth every minute.

We're soaking up knowledge about:—

An important British history lesson – the forgotten tale of Indian soldiers in World War 1 as an exhibit at the Hampton Court Palace. The Indian Army at the Palace brings their stories to life like never before through displays of objects, photographs, film and personal stories. See the past in a whole new light.

We’re all eyes on:—

Defiance: Fighting the Far Right – a gruelling documentary exploring how immigrant Asians took on racism and fascism in the ‘70s. It’s got original footage with interviews of those involved. Tune into Channel 4 for some heavy, but essential history. Tears might roll.

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Vaisakhi, a day marked across India by people of many faiths, is celebrated in the Punjab as the start of the new Harvest. It falls on the 13th or 14th April depending on the calendar for that year.

Dishoom Loves. Issue XV.

Spring has gently tiptoed in. As the days lengthen and the sun grows bolder, here’s a glimpse of what we eagerly await in April.

Ayesha Erkin shares one of her delectable date recipes

We’re turning page after page of Ayesha Erkin’s recipe book Date of the Day, featuring 30+ recipes for the modest date – timely for breaking fast and after. Our dear friend Ayesha has now kindly shared a recipe for you to make at home. Try it this Iftar or any time you need a salty-spiced sticky treat.