Dishoom Loves – Issue III

As before, we’re so pleased to share with you a collection of first-class recommendations and much-loved cultural fixtures that we’re currently enjoying. And as we revel in the longer days and shorter nights, here’s a quick selection of all things Dishoom loves. 

We’re turning page after page

Of Ayesha Erkin’s recently-launched recipe book Date of the Day, featuring 30+ recipes with the modest date. Ayesha started the series during Ramadan three years ago, where she created date combinations and shared them with friends and family in exchange for honest reviews. Timely for breaking fast and after, are a sweet and savoury mix of Kashmiri Chai Panna Cotta Dates, Crispy Cheese & Dill Dates, Sticky Toffee Pudding Dates and more. E-book owners can indulge in bonus recipe videos, too. 

We’re not pressing pause on

The Romantics – A Bollywood-length docuseries on Hindi cinema’s titan filmmaker Yash Chopra. It has all the makings of a blockbuster – archival footage, Bollywood big-wigs, in-depth interviews, newbies, family trees, laughter and tears, surprise cameos and a touch of suspense. Spread across four parts, and available to watch on Netflix, it’s a good long-weekend plan if you don’t have one already. 

We’re exploring, in awe, as 

The stories unfold across six rooms in Inverleith House, Edinburgh as part of artist Keg de Souza’s latest exhibition Shipping Roots. The show digs deep into three plant types (eucalyptus, prickly pear and ‘alien’ seeds transported across in sheep fleeces), three countries (specifically India, Australia and the UK, through the British Empire) and the histories between them. On until Sunday 27th August at Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, and free to enter. 

We’re getting our hands busy

Setting the table with our all-new Dishoom Crockery. Our go-to: A quick shake of the tablecloth before gently laying it out. Set down the chintz-design plates for a party of two, three, four or more. Add a layer with Dishoom Bowls and some interest with perfectly-matched tea cups and saucers. Then, the elements: fine flowers alongside finest cutlery, a candlestick (or two), glasses of water, and food. Lots and lots of food. For more first-class tips from our friend and best hostess Kirthanaa Naidu, kindly read on. 

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Memories from the Fringe

While we were at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, we caught Evening Conversations, an engaging show by Sudha Bhuchar. We caught up with her after the show to talk about her journey and her views on South Asian representation on screen, which you can read below. And for those who didn’t walk down the cobbled streets of the city or stumble into an impromptu performance this year, we highly recommend it for 2024.

Dishoom Loves Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Each year as August dawns, the streets and rooms and corners of Edinburgh fill with music, art, laughter and song. Wander into grand halls and pokey pubs, as the morning sun rises or in the dark of night, to see creations of every kind as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. In honour of this wonderful celebration of the performing arts (and as a little treat), here’s a special edition Dishoom Loves, covering all the acts we’ve circled on our festival programme.

76 Years on, there is still much learning to be done

For anyone looking to learn or read more on Partition, this page holds a series of resources, for all ages, created by people knowledgeable and knowing about such matters. It is by no means definitive – we have simply found them to be useful, inspiring and accessible.