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Breakfast is served from 8am to 11.45am on weekdays and from 9am to 11.45am on weekends.

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Cooked Breakfast

The Parsi bodybuilders — whose portraits still hang from the walls of Yazdani café — famously consumed several eggs a day to attain their muscular physiques. These breakfasts would satisfy any candidate for the coveted ‘Mr. Zoroastrian’ crown.


Two fried eggs on chilli cheese toast. A favourite of the well-to-do Willingdon Club, the first such Bombay institution to admit natives; the dish is reputedly named for the member who kept asking for it. (Not to be confused with Arvind Kejriwal, leader of India’s Aam Aadmi – common man’s – political party.) (V) 6.90

Parsi Omelette

A crazy-paving three-egg omelette of chopped tomato, onion, coriander and green chilli. Served with grilled tomato and Fire Toast. (V) 7.20

Eggless Akuri

Spiced-scrambled tofu piled up richly alongside plump, home-made buns and grilled tomato. Our version of the Irani café special. (V) (S) 7.20

Keema Per Eedu

A Parsi power breakfast: spicy chicken keema studded with delicate morsels of chicken liver, topped with two runny-yolked fried eggs and sali crisp-chips. Served with home-made buns. (S) 10.90

Soy Keema Per Eedu

Behold: a vegetarian breakfast of fortitude. Spiced soy keema beneath fried free- range eggs, crunchy sali crisp-chips and freshly toasted buns. (V) (S) 10.50

The Big Bombay

Your plate will be laden with char-striped smoked streaky bacon from Ramsay of Carluke, peppery Shropshire pork sausages, abundant tofu akuri, masala beans, grilled field mushrooms, grilled tomato and buttered, home-made buns. Too good. 12.50

The Vegan Bombay

Bountiful vegan repast. Beyond Meat sausages, vegan black pudding, abundant tofu akuri, grilled field mushrooms, masala beans, grilled tomato and home-made vegan buns. (V) 13.90

Dishoom Naan Rolls

Each naan is freshly baked — by hand, and to order — in the tandoor oven. It is then graced with a little cream cheese, chilli tomato jam and fresh herbs, and wrapped around one of these first-rate fillings.

Bacon Naan Roll

Ramsay of Carluke’s smoked streaky bacon is matured for two weeks and smoked overnight in the traditional fashion. A Dishoom signature dish, and deserving of all its accolades. 6.50

Double Bacon Naan Roll

Twice the bacon. 9.00

Wrestler's Naan Roll

Named for Koolar & Co.’s wrestler-sized portions. Smoked streaky bacon, peppery pork sausages and runny-yolked egg. Grapple with it. 9.50

Sausage Naan Roll

Award-winning Shropshire pork sausages, warmly spiced with cracked black pepper. Each sausage is made by hand in the old-fashioned way. 6.50

Egg Naan Roll

Two fried free-range eggs with saffron-yellow, runny yolks. Warm and most gratifying. (V) 5.70

Bacon & Egg Naan Roll


Sausage & Egg Naan Roll


Beyond Sausage Naan Roll

Vegan sausages. Extremely satisfying. (V) 9.50

Weekend Breakfast Feast

Weekend Breakfast

Everything is served in plentiful portions for guests to help themselves. 22 / 20 (with teetotal drinks)

Side Orders

Masala Beans

(V) 2.00

Grilled Mushrooms

(V) 2.50

Two Sausages


Four Rashers of Bacon


Fire Toast

(V) 2.00

Vegan Black Pudding


Fruits, Grains & Breads

Sweet Uttapam Stack

Thrice-stacked, lightly-frilled pancakes. Topped with creamy shrikhand, fresh berries, toasted coconut flakes and jaggery syrup.  (V) 7.90

Date & Banana Porridge

Organic porridge oats cooked with oat milk, banana and sweet Medjool dates. A never-ending portion: if you wish for more, you need only ask. (V) 5.50

Fruit & Yoghurt

Fresh mango, grapes, strawberries, blueberries and honeydew melon, topped with creamy yoghurt infused with fresh vanilla pod, and starflower honey. Dairy or Coconut yoghurt. (V) 5.50/6.50

House Granola

A Dishoom recipe, handmade with oats, seeds, cashews, almonds, pistachios and cinnamon, toasted in butter and honey. Served with fresh fruits, creamy vanilla yoghurt and starflower honey. Dairy or Coconut yoghurt. (V)(N) 6.20/7.20

Bun Maska

The Irani café classic. The bun is toasted hot on the outside, with a slice of butter inside, to be dipped into your spicy chai. The simplest thing, eaten everywhere in Bombay.  (V) 3.20


Cielo E Terra Spumante Ekuo, NV, Veneto

Classic delicate spumante from organic vines of Garganega and Trebbiano. Pleasantly pale yellow with fine bubbles, fresh stone fruit and soft dry finish. 150ml / 750ml 7.50 / 35.00

Luigi Tacchino Moscato D'asti, NV, Piedmont

A matchless sparkling pudding wine to lift the spirits with charm and indlugence. Fresh, fruity and light, with a mere 5% alcohol. 150ml / 750ml 7.20 / 29.90

Edenvale Sparkling Cuvée, S.E. Australia (Alcohol-removed)

For the table, Chardonnay and Verdelho laced together, fleeting tastes of fresh apples and fragrance of white flowers. Fine bubbles whisper and fade. Elegant celebration without inebriation. 750ml 22.25

Breakfast Lassi

A concoction of yoghurt, banana, mango and oats. Keep regular. 4.50

Bloody Mary

Made with feisty Mary-mix of Dishoom, pickled nicely with Luksusowa Vodka. The crown of breakfast tipples. 8.50

Virgin Mary

Feistiness abounds, but there is no swearing. 4.50

The Dhoble

A refreshing cocktail, named for the notorious party-pooping Assistant Commissioner of Police of Bombay, Vasant Dhoble. Fresh orange and lemon juice, Luksusowa vodka, jaggery, and a dash of orange bitters, served over cubed ice. 8.50

Teetotal Monsoon Martini

With Dishoom’s totally teetotal secret spirit essence. Nobody will know that your monsoon is dry. 6.50

Our bacon is supplied by Ramsay of Carluke. Our sausages are from Maynard’s Farms. All egg dishes are made with Clarence Court Eggs.

(V) Suitable for vegetarians (S) Spicy (N) Contains nut ingredients

Other dishes are made without nuts, but may contain traces. Dishes marked (V) may contain eggs. We make every effort to avoid cross-contamination, but sadly can’t guarantee dishes and drinks are allergen-free.

If you have any food allergies or dietary requirements please let us know. Vegan, gluten and dairy-allergy menus are available.

An optional service charge of 12.5% will be added to your bill. Every penny of this is shared between the team in this restaurant. (Service charge is entirely optional. If you feel the service is in any way lacking, you need only ask, and the charge will be removed.)

Monsoon Catuai Coffee

Arabica beans from a single estate in Sunticoppa, Karnataka, are bared on wood to the monsoon winds, then blended with Brazilian Catuai. A rich, aromatic coffee with soft acidity and pleasant spicy notes. Roasted by Union Hand-Roasted Coffee.

Espresso, Single or Double

2.50 / 2.70

Cappuccino, Caffelatte or Flat White




Hot Drinks

House Chai

All things nice: warming comfort and satisfying spice. Made in the proper way. All who have tried it are swearing by it. 2.90

Chocolate Chai

A charming couplet of dark chocolate and spicy chai. 3.20

English Breakfast Assam

Assam is the most well-liked tea-leaf in India. Malty, brisk and bright. 2.90

Fresh Mint Tea

A spearmint steeper to cleanse the palate. 2.90

Ginger, Lemon & Honey Tea

Get rid of your cough. 2.90

Guest Roast Filter Coffee

Consult your server kindly about our guest filter coffees. Hot or iced. 2.70

Fresh Juices

Fresh Orange


Ruby-Red Grapefruit