Slip-Disc - The vinyl

When we began thinking about Dishoom Carnaby, we came across a surprising relationship that flourished in the 1960s, when Western influences kicked off a rocking music scene in Bombay. We were drawn in by this cul-de-sac of history, and contacted Sidharth Bhatia, author of the book ‘India Psychedelic’, as well as many of the musicians of the time. As the project evolved, we felt that an album was the right thing to do: a way to showcase some amazing music, and, like the restaurant, bridge the gap between London and Bombay in the 1960s.

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Friends we made along the way

Once we began exploring the Bombay rock'n'roll scene, we realised it was a very small but very helpful world! Boundless gratitude goes out to our dear friends Sidharth Bhatia; Nissim, Lionel, George and Everett of The Combustibles; the endlessly effervescent Asha Puthli; Mike Kirby of The Jets; Madhu Dhas; Dolly Thakore (our album cover star); Farrukh Dhondy, Reynold D'Silva, Naresh Fernandes, Simin Patel, Vayu Naidu, Pooja and Padmini, and all the others who helped along the way!

You can read about many of these chaps in Sidharth's excellent book 'India Psychedelic', or watch this online documentary that tells the story of Bombay's rock'n'roll heyday - Standing By: The Rise of Beat Music.

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Our Bombay-London playlist

We've been fortunate enough to work with the wonderful Music Concierge since we first opened in Covent Garden in 2010. Over the years we've put together an (extremely!) eclectic playlist that covers everything from vintage Bollywood classics by Asha Bhosle and Mohammed Rafi, laid-back jazz, obscure 1950s exotica, energetic sitar, and even the odd classic Disney soundtrack. We've compiled some of our favourite playlists into Spotify, so - if you'd like to listen at home - check them out!

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