Recycling Guidance

Kindly find below helpful guidance and instruction for the conscientious disposal of your Dishoom packaging. If you require any further assistance, help can be sought via

Delivery outer bag

Material: Kraft paper
Disposal: If clean, kindly re-use, recycle or home-compost. If dirty please place in general waste.

Rectangular trays

Material: Bagasse, made from a byproduct of sugarcane production
Lining: Plant-plastic PLA 
Disposal: Pick at a corner to peel off the fine PLA lining and put in the general waste. Bagasse trays, if clean, can be recycled with cardboard. If dirty, rinse and home-compost, or place in a general waste bin where it will biodegrade in 2-3 months.

Rectangular lids

Material: Polypropylene
Disposal: Wash before recycling. If your local authority does not recycle, discard it in the general waste bin.

White pots, cups and lids

Material: FSC-certified cardboard 
Lining: Polythene
Disposal: General waste.

Naan, samosa and bread bags
Material: Greaseproof paper 
Disposal: If clean enough, these bags can be recycled, or composted (at home or local authority). If dirty, please discard in the bin.

Little plastic pots (from dressings and dips)

Material: Some of the pots are made of recyclable plastic No5 PP (polypropylene); some are made of recyclable plastic No2 PE (polyethylene), and others are made of rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) which is recyclable plastic No1. 
Disposal: Please check which plastics your local authority will accept, and wash them before recycling.