Valentine's with Dishoom

On any given day (but particularly on Valentine’s) we want your hearts and bellies to sing. Howsoever you choose to join in the love-filled celebrations this year, we wish you the dreamiest day and hope you can drink (chai) deeply and wrap your busy teeth around plenty of Dishoom classics at home. Do read on to indulge in some inspiration.

Romantic breakfasts

A Valentine’s breakfast (in bed – perhaps?) of two hearty naan rolls with house chai alongside can be ready in a swift 20 minutes thanks to clever little Naan Roll Kits. Soft, lightly charred naan is topped with a little cream cheese, tomato-chilli jam and fresh coriander leaves and wrapped around first-rate fillings: Ramsay of Carluke’s streaky bacon or Chef Neil Rankin’s most delicious vegan sausages. First-class tipples may also be added for those with merrymaking mornings in mind.

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Create fulsome feasts with ease

For a little helping hand in the kitchen, our signature kits are just the ticket. Choose from the Home Feast, centred around best-loved grills, or the vegetarian Biryani Feast, starring a first-rate Jackfruit Biryani. Both are accompanied by a collection of café classics all part-way prepared ready to be finished at home in as little as an hour. Impress and delight with your secret sous chef, or bring your loved ones together stoveside. 

Kits come complete with everything you need to create a sumptuous spread as well as a handy Dishoom Tea Towel (a lovely little extra, to gift, or keep for oneself). You may also wish to add a touch of sparkle to your meal with a bottle of our top-notch natural sparkling wine.

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Kindly note, all at-home kits can arrive anytime before 10pm on your chosen day, so be sure to select the day before you plan on enjoying.

Supper from scratch

Easy-to-follow recipes for café classics alongside many more truly delicious dishes may be found in our eccentric and highly subjective cookery book.

Lamb Raan makes a most satisfying celebratory centrepiece. Marinate the meat in garlic and ginger paste before being slow-cooked with bay, vinegar, peppercorns, cinnamon, black and green cardamom pods until meltingly tender, then pull into silky shreds and combine with a deliciously savoury masala. Whilst some preparation is required (including 24-hour marination, if time allows), your efforts will be very well rewarded. The recipe may be found here.

We heartily recommend serving alongside smoky-grilled gunpowder potatoes, a bowl of greens and some naan. To finish, warming and vibrant Pineapple & Black Pepper Crumble will whisk you away to warmer climes, and Chilli Chocolate Mousse provides a suitably sweet endnote.

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Or simply order in...

If you don’t fancy donning your chef whites, Dishoom favourites can also be delivered to your door, ready-to-eat, via Deliveroo. Enter your address here to see if we can reach you. Duly note, moreish chutneys may be added to your Deliveroo basket as a perfect last-minute present.

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And to drink

If you’re hoping to dazzle this Valentine’s day, create your own cocktail hour with the help of our bottled tipples. Highly sippable and satisfyingly strong, each serves two and arrives ready to be poured into your finest glassware. Choose from The India Gimlet, Permit Room Old-Fashioned and Sonia’s Negroni, or opt for all three with the covetable set. Top tips for preparation and serving from Dishoom's resident daru-walla may be found here.

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Setting the scene

For added ambience the soft scent of incense does the trick, we like to use sticks infused with sandalwood. As a backdrop, the timbre and tones of soft jazz music is a most-romantic touch. Dom James, one-quarter of Dishoom Kensington's resident jazz troupe, the Marine Liner's, has created an excellent playlist which you can find here. For something a little more rock and roll, our very own Slip-Disc CD or vinyl makes a fitting alternative.

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Suggested Reading

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Delight in fulsome feasts and thoughtful gifts for loved ones

Whether you show fondness with acts of service or with suitably thoughtful gifts, the Dishoom Store is brimful of curiosities sure to impress loved ones this Valentine’s day. Do read on for our handy gift guide below and find an ample array of gifts from make-at-home café classics to calming home fragrance. The Home Feast will soon be making its departure from the Dishoom store, (so while you still can) delight in generous servings of our most-loved dishes, to be cooked at home.

A Little Magic

“Who wants to see some magic?” Chef Arun calls out. He flings the rolled out dough into the air, sending it soaring above the counter. It spins and twists, a graceful dancer in the air. The children watch its arc, their eyes wide with wonder, until it lands gently back in the chef's hands. The children shriek in delight.

The Dishoom Canary Wharf story – Chapter Three

The phone keeps ringing shrilly through the flat. Nauzer holds his head in his hands, palms clamped over his ears. “Beta, the phone!” He forgot his mother would still be here. He can’t have her answering in case it is Devia. He runs into the corridor to pick it up. It stops just before he can reach it. Breathless, he looks up and sees his mother in the kitchen. 

Dishoom Canary Wharf – now officially OPEN!

Tucked away in a lovely corner of Wood Wharf, Dishoom Canary Wharf is now officially open and ready to welcome you all. The marble-top bar is ready to hold your drink, the textured, patterned (and extremely comforting) chairs are waiting to be kept warm and the hand-painted mural and carefully curated art – from Bombay and beyond – are waiting to be part of your conversations.