Father's Day Gift Guide

A sudden wide smile. Grateful eyes. Thoughtfully selected gifts adored.

For those seeking the smug satisfaction of gifting the very-best Father’s Day gift – peruse below. Socks and slippers (though essential) do not feature. Instead, the Dishoom Store stocks a range of rather charming gifts that will guarantee you continue to be the best-loved child.

For the dad who never cooks but is guardian of the BBQ – Grill Kits or Barbecue Box

Barbecue season – it comes every year – bringing novelty aprons, dusty tongs and overcast skies with it. But now, there is newness and deliciousness. Our Grills Kits – choose from Lamb & Chicken or Paneer & Soya Chaap – and hearty Barbecue Box are a most satisfying antidote to same-old barbecue fare and your dad will feel like a superstar pitmaster.

For the dad who likes a fancy feast – Feast Kits

The food in our Feast kits – the Home Feast or Biryani Feast – comes on the table quite fast and tasting rather excellent thanks to our Dishoom Chefs who do most of the prep, leaving you to grill and garnish as necessary. We advise you do not eat anything in the morning. Then you will do full justice to your feast kit. Pair with a bottle of natural sparkling wine, it has a fancy sounding name and you will appear to be a wine expert when you mention it.

For the dad who’s serious about coffee – Dishoom Monsooned Catuai Coffee 

A sense-awakening medium-roast coffee for your dad to enjoy whilst he glances through the weekend papers and doesn’t actually read them (except the daily cartoon).

For the dad who likes simple comforts – Dishoom House Chai

Serve this comforting café classic – available in a tin or as a part of a gift set – to your dad whilst he watches cricket (or any other sporting endeavour) from the comfortable position of a seat in front of the TV screen. We recommend one cup for dipping biscuits, and one cup for drinking.

For the dad who’s partial to a bed-breakfast – Naan Roll Kits

There is great pleasure to be had in stretching and lazing on a Sunday morning. Serve two hearty bacon or vegan sausage naan rolls with a cup of warming chai in bed (bed-tea, if you will). You can also include a top-notch breakfast tipple, be it a fiery Bloody Mary or Marmalade Mimosa.

For the dad who likes a sensible drink – Dishoom IPA

Specially crafted by Mondo Brewing Company, be sure to chill this fruity citrus beer before pouring it into a proper tankard and allowing a gentle froth to form on the top. Fresh vigour and increased joie-de-vivre will follow shortly afterwards.

For the dad who has discerning taste in drinks – Permit Room Collection

India Gimlet, Sonia’s Negroni and Permit Room Old-Fashioned are all served in respectable measures (either individually or as a gift set) so those who sample these cocktails get up the next morning like the freshest marigold in a Bombay park of marigolds. Unless they mix their drinks, then they get up with a hangover.

For the dad who loves to rock – Slip-Disc

Whether your dad wants to relive his rock days from the 60s (he will say it was the 80s, he is lying) or is a fan of an awkward dance, the tracks on this album are a playful celebration of the mutual fascination between London and Bombay during the 60s – and the music that came out of them. Available as an LP or CD.

For the dad who is impossible to buy for – Dishoom Gift Coins

A simple packing of a little cloth bag as everything else is about the coin with this gift. And the coin itself: a minted Dishoom currency, at the consent of her Majesty’s Treasury, worth ten pounds sterling. E-vouchers are also available for instant delivery.  

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Meal kits may be ordered with nominated day delivery, and key dates are filling fast, so make haste. Kindly note, delivery may be made up until 10pm on your chosen day, so we suggest selecting the day before you plan on enjoying them.

For everything else, allow 2–3 working days for delivery. If your loved one is further afield please do allow 10 days for international delivery.

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